Clear Credit Solutions Review: Are they worth the price you pay?

Seeking to repair your tainted credit score with Clear Credit Solutions? We’ve done the research and we’ll let you know if they’re any good.

There is a bunch of credit repair experts across Australia all promising the moon. After all, black marks from your credit file can impact your future quite significantly.

To write this review, we decided to investigate if the claims of Clear Credit Solutions are actually true. Pay close attention as we reveal the truth.

We’ve taken this approach as we felt the community ought to know if they’re the real deal. The Debt-Free Community is, after all, on a crusade to protect consumers.

Now, let’s do this!

Clear Credit Solutions

You’ve probably had some issues in the past regarding your credit history. Have you taken out too much debt with credit cards and personal loans? If so, that’s definitely going to affect you.

Enter the profitable market of credit repair services. Some of them make bold promises “We’ll fix your credit no matter what!” or some other nonsense. These cowboys should be ignored as they give the industry a bad name.

Clear Credit Solutions
Debt recovery action

Then you’ve got the very few good guys. Clear Credit Solutions, in our view, is one of them. They actually do the right thing by their customers.

Don’t take our word for it, but read the many Clear Credit Solutions reviews online. Dozens of people have been very happy with their services.

Benefits with Clear Credit Solutions

So it’s clear that we see them as a good company who’s actually doing some good for Australians. This is unlike payday lenders which we’re always at war with here on our website.

CCS can help with:

  • Defaults on your credit file
  • Court judgements
  • Complete clear outs

And do you want to know the best part of all this? If they can’t get your credit file clean, then there is no fee to pay!

If a default was not removed the no win no fee conditions apply. It is in CCS best interest to investigate every possibility to ensure the default is removed which may involve ombudsman services CCS will administrate. If this fails the client will be receiving a full refund of our one set fee.

Terms and Conditions of Clear Credit Solutions. Retrieved March 2020.

That’s undeniable proof that they mean business. They either get the result for you or you don’t pay them a cent, which means you’ve got nothing to lose right?

Well, but what about what you actually pay?

CCS only charge up to one thousand five hundred dollars which includes GST due to the fact we do not follow up any calls as the client can do this without paying thousands of dollars extra, CCS will give advice to help you through the credit repair process via phone calls if the client so wishes.

Terms and Conditions of Clear Credit Solutions. Retrieved March 2020.

So Clear Credit Solutions charges up to $1,500 AUD for every client.

The truth is that you’re probably going to be charged less than that. It really depends on the type of black mark on your credit history and how urgently you need it removed.

Some people easily pay less than $1,000 so they can get much cheaper interest rates, so this company saves them money.

The debt-trap could start again

We’re here to warn you that while Clear Credit Solutions will definitely do their best to help you (but can’t 100% guarantee that they will be successful), it’s the clients who are most at risk.

See – many have gotten themselves into heavy debt in the first place. Car loans, personal loans and credit cards. It’s all toxic debt that’s expensive.

Not only that, but you’ve got little to show for it, right? You probably didn’t achieve much in the first place when you took out those loans years ago.

So we recommend:

  1. Don’t buy the stuff you don’t need
  2. Get professional financial counselling
  3. Make sure you manage your budget this time

We know that’s basic but sometimes we like to explain things simply.

The debt-trap or financial black hole could start again. You’ve been warned. Clear Credit Solutions is potentially giving you a fresh start, so don’t waste it. Use this chance wisely and get yourself back on track towards a healthy balance sheet.

In summary

We checked out everything online about this company. There was one issue that came to mind actually that’s worth mentioning.

Asic fined them $21,600 some years ago for activities they did in 2017. Read more here.

Keep in mind this was from several years ago. Since then the company has just gotten stronger and more compliant with Australia’s strict laws.

The proof is in the pudding when you read reviews of Clear Credit Solutions. They care about their online reputation and they mean business.

The truth is: They are one of the best in Australia based on what we found.

Give them a call today on 1300 789 783 or visit their Coffs Harbour office.

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