Life After Debt: Are They Any Good?

We’re constantly looking at debt reduction service providers like Life After Debt in Australia to check if they’re worth it for everyday individuals.

You know what? We’re totally against companies that only serve themselves. Payday lenders are notorious for this actually.

When we see a company that’s genuinely trying to help people, our heart warms. Then again, we want to put our critical cap on to validate if they’re any good.

Let’s have a good look at Life After Debt for the typical person who’s struggling right now.

Life After Debt

One of our readers was curious about our thoughts on this company, so over the course of several weeks, we did some investigative work.

This included several phone calls to Life After Debt plus analyzing their website and company history. They’re based in Perth so visiting them just wasn’t possible, though we have visited other debt consolidation companies previously.

Our findings are that:

  • These guys have been in operation for several years

This is important as we don’t want a fly-by-night operation. A company that has been serving people going through challenging times over the course of some time is exactly what you need. We checked their company history with ASIC:

Definitely legitimate and have been serving Australians for a long time.

However, they have an interesting history:

They have changed names a few times now it seems. Not really case for concern.

  • They have plenty of information on their website

You’ll be able to find plenty of information actually. We like the layout and organization of their website. Not only that, but we checked the history of their website:

life after debt australia website

Our verdict? Definitely legitimate. ?

  • Real-life case studies are provided.

We really liked seeing that real people have actualy used their services. They aren’t like everyone else who just puts up a fake website with no real people on there.

What we liked about these case studies are that:

  1. We were told about the financial problem
  2. Life After Debt provided a great solution
  3. The individual then showed how life is like afterwards

That is our opinion is a real customer testimonial or review, unlike Facebook reviews which only give you a glimpse of a person’s situation.

Our experience

We didn’t just want to have a deep investigation into their website. We also wanted to engage with them, so that’s what we did!

Life After Debt experiences

In total, we made 4 phone calls. 3 of them went to different people and 1 one of them was the same person. It’s clear that they have a few people working in the office.

The average length of these phone calls was 27 minutes. We created a fictional story that we were in heavy debt but were working full time.

In fact, that’s the type of person they like to help. Those who have regular income and have a decent amount of personal and unsecured debt.

We asked a whole bunch of questions like how they work, how long they’ve been in operation and if they can help us. We’re based in Queensland and they’re based in Perth, so obviously quite a distance apart.

And you know what? They impressed us on each call with their responses! Clearly knowledgeable. One of their staff sounded really young (maybe 21?) but she was definitely able to answer the questions as if she had been working there for 10 years. Clearly this is a company who is striving to help people.

The best part

What we really liked is that they try their very best NOT to make you take out additional finance like debt consolidation. In other words, they look at all other options first.

Life After Debt, Perth Australia
The Debt-Free Community retrieved this from their website in January 2020

This is unique in the industry. Most others are trying to get you into additional debt but at a reduced interest rate. While this is actually good in most cases and way better than personal loans or additional credit cards, most people just want a different solution.

Also, when we were on the phone calls with them we found their staff weren’t pushy or anything. Each time they sent us an info pack as well which was cool and did follow up with later phone calls to check if we were still interested.

Even better: We didn’t have to pay anything for any of these 4 phone calls. ?

A common complaint

The truth is, we gotta share some bad news. A common complaint is that people just aren’t able to benefit from this company.

In our experience, they do their very best to help people. But they just can’t help each and every person. It’s all based on individual circumstances.

Let’s say you’ve got $100k of personal loan debt, haven’t had a job for 18 months and rely on Centrelink income. Most of these debt reduction companies aren’t going to help you in most cases. It’s just the name of the game, unfortunately.

The only negative experiences with Life After Debt are those who just didn’t qualify for their services. If you read any negative reviews, then take those with a grain of salt.

We prefer to look at the good side: They do their very best under Australian laws. It’s clear that their mindful not to just serve you with more debt, but instead find a solution that actually works best for you.

In summary

So are they any good and would we recommend Life After Debt? Absolutely. They’re clearly out to serve people first, not profits. ?

We’ve taken the time to research them for this review so you can make a solid decision. We spent a couple of hours on the phone with several staff members and researched their offerings well.

Verdict: It’s clear that they are genuine and help people Australia-wide, despite being based in Perth.

Are they for everyone? No. The only way to find out is to make a phone call to them today, just like we did!

In our view, anyone providing debt reduction services should be praised. Using such services could be your very first step towards the debt-free lifestyle.

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