Capital Debt Solutions: Are These Debt Negotiators Any Good?

We had an experience with Capital Debt Solutions and decided to create this unbias review. Were they worth it? Read and find out more.

Our intentions were simple: We wanted to see if they are the real deal.

After all, the reviews online for Capital Debt Solutions were minimal.

There are numerous companies in Australia promising the world but delivering so little. Some of them even send you backwards, such as those notorious payday lenders.

When we see a company striving to help people genuinely through sustainable solutions, we praise them. But then we took a step back to actually see who they are and what they offer.

We recently took a close look at this debt consolidation company and here are our experiences.

Capital Debt Solutions Review

Upon landing on their website, we were a little confused. Did we just get transported to 1998? Their website looks quite old and outdated.

See – we’ve investigated a lot of these companies here in the past. The Debt-Free Community helps everyday Australians on their journey of the financial traps that swallow so many hard-working people. Often debt consolidation and credit repairs are great options, but we need to validate the companies behind them.

We were certainly confused a bit on the Capital Debt Solutions website. We found their ABN is 14 135 236 618 so we looked up ASIC records:

Capital Debt Solutions Review

That’s a tick of approval in our books. Any company that is 10+ years is pretty legitimate, so Capital Debt Solutions checks out as genuine.

We still couldn’t get past the rather bland website, so we decided to dig a little further. It seems they have a YouTube channel:

The video thumbnail still looks quite dated lol, but it is from 2015.

What’s evident is that this company just hasn’t really updated their website and instead focused on delivering results for clients.

They did advertise previously on a bus:

Capital Debt Solutions AUS

We thought that was cool so we decided to proceed for ourselves.

Our experience

We decided to give them a call on (07) 5474 4450 to pound them with questions. We mean literally – we pretended that we had 2 scenarios: We wanted to consolidate debt but also wanted to improve our credit rating.

On the phone, they were very understanding and clearly experienced in answering questions. We’ve been in contact with other companies like this in Queensland which weren’t so helpful, and instead just pushed us to sign up.

Capital Debt Solutions Queensland

In all, we spent 45 minutes on the phone going through everything. That was the initial phone call. After that, the process was drawn out to 4 weeks but that was our fault mostly. We learned that you need to be organized with paperwork and documentation as they literally ask for everything – income statements, forms of ID, assets, liabilities and all that.

All these companies ask for this information actually. You won’t find anyone that just asks for a little and makes it easy for you. If you’re trying to hide something like a default in the past, then they will find it anyway.

In the end, we were successful with both applications running co-currently. They did say that this isn’t the norm and you should tackle one thing at a time. Here at The Debt-Free Community, we recommend that approach too.

What we liked

Firstly, they’re based on the Sunshine Coast. If you’re needing a debt consolidation service on the Sunshine Coast, then you’ve definitely found one of the best.

They do serve Australia wide so if you’re based elsewhere then they let you upload documents into an online drive. It’s quite an easy process actually.

Likewise, if you’re based locally then you can drop into their Noosaville office. Over the phone, the 2 staff members we talked to were friendly so we can imagine they’re the same in person.

Living debt-free in Australia

At the end of the day, we really liked that we got results. We were optimistic but were only 70% confident that they would be successful with both. Debt consolidation was the easy one but removing a black mark wouldn’t have been so easy.

Another thing we like is that, despite their outdated website, they do provide a lot of information on there. Video testimonials of real customers are on there which is unlike other websites.

In summary

So the question remains: Are they any good?

Well, it depends on your outcome. If you want to remain in hot water, then don’t use ’em. We’re always surprised to see people sticking with a heavy debt load.

On the other hand, if you’re committed to follow through and get a resolution, then yes – our experiences show that they do their job well.

Debt consolidation is often a great starting point on the journey towards a debt-free lifestyle. Is it easy? No. Nothing worth having comes easy, but the freedom of having zero debt shouldn’t be understated here.

We’ve found Capital Debt Solutions as one of the few companies actually delivering genuine results. The type of results that can help the community to really get out of debt.

Now, if only they could update their website and make it nicer… ?

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