About Us

The concept of The Debt-Free Community was created in 2015 and officially launched in 2019. We’re a 100% free online resource base for Australians.

When I started this site, I wanted it based on some fundamental concepts:

  • We had to be a 100% FREE knowledge-base designed for Aussies
  • Everyone knows that it’s possible to work their way out of debt
  • Reducing debt can be easier when you have the right resources
  • Creditors simply cannot harass or make fun of debtors (aka you!)
  • You have a right to privacy under the law (Can’t be stalked)
  • There is help, and we can step in to stop them hassling you

Further, we were created for the following people in mind:

  • Those who are in debt and are sick of the burden it brings them
  • Those who want to get out of debt but know it’s going to take time
  • Individuals who can’t pay their debt at all (We know it’s hard)
  • Individuals being harassed by debt collectors with phone calls
  • People who have no one to turn to, and really need a hand
  • People who are committed towards a brighter future without debt

We are Australia’s #1 resource-base for debt reduction, debt elimination and can help you when dealing with creditors.

We remain as a 100% FREE resource base, as we don’t provide personal consultation. We can, however, refer you to a service which can help you on that personal front.

We work tirelessly to help keep this site up to date, providing everyday Australians with a platform to help ease the pain.

We don’t judge. Everyone has a unique circumstance. We’ve seen it all. We’re just happy that you’re here.

Please take a look around on our blog. You’ll find helpful resources that can help you on the journey.

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