Panthera Finance: How to stop the phone calls and letters

The debt collectors from Panthera Finance are chasing you! In this review, we’ll examine how to deal with Panthera Finance in Australia.

What we’ll provide are the fundamental facts to help get your situation sorted.

There are many complaints about Panthera Finance and their debt recovery efforts through letters and threatening court action. Read more here.

We can help sort it out for you, so you don’t have to pick up the phone.

Dealing with Panthera Finance

If you’ve received a letter in the mail or SMS about some old debt with Panthera Finance, it’s probably from Optus, Simply Energy, AGL or Energy Australia.

Did your identity get stolen? Theft happens sometimes, so it might be your fault at all. But if you know it’s your debt, then we can help.

Panthera Finance Debt Review Scam
Getting calls from Panthera Finance is almost harassment. We can stop them today!

Some of these debt collection tactics are purely dodgy.

Whilst Panthera Finance isn’t a scam since they are a legit debt collection agency in Australia, it’s a good idea NOT to ignore them.

Then again, we understand that you don’t want to pick up the phone as you’ll likely get some harassment.

What they’re allowed to do

If you read the reviews online about Panthera Finance, they certainly aren’t good. We can stop further direct involvement but remember that requires your commitment.

Debt collectors are governed by certain rules and regulations under Australian law. These include:

  • They can only contact you between 7:30am and 9pm on weekdays. On weekends it’s between 9am and 9pm, even on Sundays. Some of the nicer ones won’t call you on Sundays.
  • You’re not allowed to be called more than 3 times per week, or 10 times per month. More than this is considered harassment, and you might be able to sue them.
  • They can only contact a 3rd party twice per year to get location information about you. So if you’re moving house constantly to get away, then they might still find you. But we can help sort it out so they never call you again!
  • If they come to your door, you can politely ask them to leave at any time. They must comply, and they’re not allowed to do surveillance. Simply call the Police if this happens.

If you go back 5 to 10 years ago, there were a lot of cowboys in the industry. There’s now greater consumer protection laws to protect the Aussie battler.

This is great news, however, debt collectors are still out to get you. We can help, and we want to help!

Panthera Finance Dodgy
Some people have found the solution to Panthera Finance.

Don’t ignore what’s happening

We recommend that you address this, even if you think it’s not your debt. There’s a reason for this: YOUR CREDIT FILE. You don’t want this tarnished, as a bad mark will last 5+ years. Bad news if you need to buy a car or house in the future.

There are a few things you can do:

  • Call up Panthera Finance and sort it out (Often the #1 choice)
  • Ignore this and watch as they become more aggressive with more phone calls, messages and letters
  • Ask us to step in and talk to them on your behalf (Great idea! No need to talk to them!)

Our 100% FREE quick phone call can help you learn more about this. We don’t ask you for money upfront, and we’re very nice too.

We understand the issues that you’re going through. Our team talks to people like you every single day. If you’re struggling, please get in touch.

Debt collectors can be bullies

Yes, it’s true. They’ll sometimes call you on different numbers every single day.

They hope that you’ll pick up the phone. Then when you’re at home, you’ll find letters in the mail.

Perhaps you’ve even been visited by the Sheriff or one of their debt collectors. This is bad news. You might have to go to court.

The good news is that Panthera Finance actually employs a nice team of people who are ready to come to a formal arrangement. That is – an affordable payment plan to get debts resolved. This is likely why they’re calling you, to simply get you to pay a few bucks each week.

But then again, it’s never too late for us to help you out. Again, we don’t charge anything upfront at all.

We work hard to sort things out so the average Australian doesn’t have to.

We’re the good guys. We work hard to help everyday Australians to work through the hurdles.

What’s most important to us is helping you sleep at night so you can get on with your life.

Summary of Panthera Finance

Today The Debt Free Community helps everyday Australians in need.

It was started with the aim of helping everyone in dire straits. This way you can deal with debt collectors like Panthera Finance.

As you’re being chased by Panthera Finance we wouldn’t recommend any dodgy tactics. Ask us to step in!

Those letters, text messages and phone calls can be stopped within days.

This includes those in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Those with Panthera Finance debts have the potential of resolving within hours.

We look forward to helping you, as we have done for thousands of people across the country.

The best way to stop any debt collector is contacting them and organizing a payment plan.

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