When do debt collectors give up? We know the REAL answer!

Yes – the correct answer is here. You’ll get the ultimate solution here to make debt collectors GIVE UP immediately and stop ringing your phone!

Those annoying letters in the mail and text messages will instantly stop as well.

It’s so great that you found us! Here at The Debt Free Community, we honestly believe in helping everyday Australians get the right solution to their needs. You’re in a place where your voice can be heard.

Aussie debt collectors stop
Australian debt collectors can be ruthless!

We’re glad that you’re doing your own research as to how to stop the constant phone calls. Debt collectors in Australia are very smart and persistent. We want you, the individual, to feel empowered and knowledgeable!

Australian Debt Collectors Law

The following is directly from ASIC…

Debt collectors in Australia have to follow the law. They can’t threaten, trespass or intimidate you. They can’t harass or verbally abuse you. Also, they can’t make false or misleading statements or engage in deceptive conduct.

They can only call you no more than 3 times per week, or 10 times per month.

Note: these rules don’t apply to banks or financial institutions. They can also visit you in person, if email, phone or letter contact has been attempted multiple times without success.

Australian debt collectors are allowed to use social media accounts to find you. They’ll even find your friends, too! And tell them that they’re looking for you. The rules say that they have to be reasonably sure it’s you, and not someone else.

Australian Debt Collectors Give Up
Australian debt collectors can cause significant stress

Do Debt Collectors in Australia give up eventually?

Yes! We’ve commonly found 2 easy solutions that will make them GIVE UP immediately! Quite simply…

  1. You speak to them. You both agreement to a payment schedule. It’s likely that it’ll be in their favour though. Then they’ll give up chasing, as a plan is in place. This is ideal for debts less than $7,000.
  2. You use the 100% FREE service we recommend here. This service will speak to the debt collector for you, so you don’t have to feel intimidated. You’ll likely get a better deal. Ideal for debts greater than $7,000.

The other option is to completely ignore them. This won’t actually stop them actually. They won’t give up. The debt actually gets worst. This is why we recommend either of those two options.

Thousands of Australians have chosen option #2, and are happy that they did! The phone has stopped ringing, there’s no more demanding letters in the mail and the SMS messages have stopped too. Plus, no fear of a door knock!

Who uses the 100% FREE service?

A lot of Australians actually! Those looking for a quick and easy solution. Those wanting the phone to stop ringing, and the constant nagging. Those aged between 18 and 65 will do well, especially if you’re ready to get help today.

Debt Collectors Giving Up
This is likely the perfect debt solution for all Australians!

The service will make a friendly phone call to you. The team will ask you some basic questions. They speak to other people like you every single day. They’re willing to hear your side of the story, and help make things right.

A summary

Australian debt collectors are harsh, brutal and rarely give up. They don’t get paid unless you start paying. So, there’s no incentive for them to stop. Luckily, we have provided you the best solution here, one service that we can definitely trust.

It will be likely the correct solution for you. By now, it’s time for you to make that choice. To stand up for yourself. Use our recommended service so the collectors can’t get to you directly. They can stop them directly in their tracks.

It’s your time!

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