Milton Graham Debt Collection: How to Stop Them Chasing You!

So you’re being chased by Milton Graham for money and debts that you owe, maybe to their former company Dun and Bradstreet. It’s time to pay attention.

Australia is doing it tough right now, especially as we’re all struggling to make repayments on time. Businesses are especially waiting on payments from clients.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you how you can deal with Milton Graham debt collection in Australia and New Zealand if recovery efforts are looming.

Let’s begin!

What is Milton Graham

This is a company whose main focus is on calling people for debt recovery action all day, every day.

We mean literally – they have dozens of people in their office with targets to meet.

Like a sales team that’s eager to get people to cough up some money they owe.

It’s challenging to work there, we’re sure of it! But it’s certainly profitable for them.

They have been helping Australian businesses get their money back for years now.

Check out how this works

Previously Milton Graham was known as Dun and Bradstreet. Some strategies as yesterday, but with a different name!

As you can see, this company is pretty well motivated to get to work to track down people and make them cough up the dollars. That could be you.

And if you happen to be one of those people, we would recommend that you don’t ignore what’s happening.

This is because you need to respond. You can talk to them directly, talk to the NDS or even engage our recommended service.

Our recommended service can make all the phone calls stop today. How? They can talk to Milton Graham on your behalf! ?

Researching this company

The good news is that Milton Graham happens to be a Foundation Member of the Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association. They’re in full compliance within their Code of Practice (that they wrote themselves…interesting?)

But we had a read through and found some interesting points.

Take for example this section: 1.3 (Our Key Commitments to You)

In complying with this code, we will take extra care with vulnerable customers including those who are experiencing age-related impairment, cognitive impairment, elder abuse, familiy or domestic violence, financial abuse, mental illness, serious illness, or any other personal, or financian, cirsumstance cuasing significant detriment.

ACDBA Codes of Practice retrieved the 2nd of January 2020

So not only is that a welcome sight, but so is this one:

We will NOT engage in practices which are aggressive, deceptive, deceitful, oppressive or improper, whether lawful or not.

Section 1.2 of ACDBA Codes of Practice retrieved the 2nd of January 2020

Finally! A breath of fresh air with a debt collector actually doing the right thing as per ASIC’s regulatory guides.

That aside, while they are a friendly bunch, you will need to take action TODAY.

Let’s have a look at some FAQs here.

Milton Graham phone call and text message

Have you received a phone call from Milton Graham or SMS message that reads “Please contact Milton Graham on 1300 663 834 quoting reference number_____”? If so, you might be caught up in a matter which you need to address now. It’s from their call centre here in Australia.

Milton Graham text message

What’s basically happened is that you’re someone that has owed money to a bank or service provider in months or years ago. They haven’t been able to recovery debts so now it has been sold to Milton Graham to recover it (with additional interest and penalties likely) right now.

Is Milton Graham a scam?

Milton Graham scam Australia

No – Milton Graham aka Dun and Bradstreet isn’t a scam or dodgy. They are a legitimate Aussie company but do have lots of complaints due to their cold calling processes and staff who are sometimes rude and unhelpful. This is based primarily on mistaken identity situations.

Can I just ignore this?

For your future’s sake, you shouldn’t ignore this situation. This only gets worse! If you know for sure it isn’t you that owes the debt, then you need to tell them. Sometimes they just have the wrong address or phone number. Sometimes a friend or family member is in trouble and Milton Graham has found your details so they’re calling you since your friend is ignoring their phone.

Do they have other phone numbers?

Yes, users have reported several phone numbers belonging to these debt collectors. These include 0420101907 which is a popular one to receive demanding SMS messages from them. You should still call their 1300 phone number in the 1st instance.

Is it true that they check social media?

Yep! Absolutely, but this is rare. There is a slim chance that they have gone through your Facebook and Instagram profiles. Not just yours either but your friends and family to check photos. They can see that you’re spending money…so you’ve got the means to repay your debts. The damage have already been done, so you need to sit up and actually take action now.

Can I make a payment arrangement with them?

Yes – you certainly can! Often this is what most people do. On the other hand, some people are seriously afraid to pick up the phone because of the negative reviews online, so using our recommended mediation service is a good idea too. ?

Where did they get my details?

Back when you filled out your initial phone plan, car loan or credit card application, the bank at the time got your details. As the bank tried a few times already to get in touch with you, they decided to pass your details and the debt itself on to Milton Graham who is the EXPERTS in this field. They’re much more professional in getting people like yourself to pay up.

Will it affect my credit rating?

It’s likely that it already has. That said – early intervention is key. You might wind up with only a small mark on your credit history, as opposed to a massive “This person didn’t pay their debts” on the report which is bad…really bad!

Should I change my number?

Nope. This is an evasion strategy and they will find other ways to get you. That could include calling your workplace or your family members. It’s a scary proposition once everyone knows that you’re not paying your debts! Again – if it’s a case of mistaken identity, just tell them so.

How do I stop them from sending me letters?

You can’t stop them sending you threatening letters of demand. Even if you move house, then they have sophisticated ways of tracking you down. Social media, industry contacts and even private investigators.

We’ve heard of it all here! The only real way for them to stop is a proper intervention. That is: Addressing the cause of the issue. And you can do that by getting in touch with them.

Is Milton Graham Real?

Yes – Milton Graham is a real company based right here in Australia. They are in the business of debt recovery with 20+ years experience. You owe someone money and it needs to be repaid ASAP which is why they recently contacted you.

How can you help?

The Debt Free Community is designed to help everyday Australians just like you through our recommended mediation service. They provide a FREE initial phone call to go through the challenges you’re facing. A real friendly team actually! One that’s happy to listen to your unfortunate stories and slim bank balance.

At the end of the day

The debt that Milton Graham is trying to recover is likely to be very small. It might be just a few hundred dollars. For that reason, there is little to be gained by avoiding their calls. Call ’em up and get it sorted before it gets much worse.

Next steps

Clearly, we wouldn’t recommend that you avoid Milton Graham at all, otherwise they will keep nagging you. The best strategy is to deal with them now.

In 2020 they are becoming so much more sophisticated in dealing with people and their old debts. We would say that they recover almost everything out there!

If your situation has changed drastically, then the good news is that they’re understanding. Remember – the code that they abide by.

At the same time, the National Debt Helpline is another great portal.

Or you could use our recommended FREE initial phone call service.

Because they can intervene and stop Milton Graham from nagging you.

By negotiating on the debt amount and organizing a settlement figure.

Either way, there are some obvious issues here which you need to address today. Get it sorted before it escalates further.

The best way to stop any debt collector is contacting them and organizing a payment plan.

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