Shield Mercantile: How to Stop their Debt Collection Phone Calls

I’m guessing that you’ve just been contacted by Shield Mercantile debt collection. They’re chasing you since you or someone that you know owes them money!

This isn’t a time to be relaxing. It’s a real and serious consequence of avoiding your debt obligations which have ramifications within the community.

In this guide, we’ll be talking about Shield Mercantile and how you can stop their debt collection phone calls, text messages and demanding letters.

Let’s start this!

Who is Shield Mercantile

This is one of Australia’s smaller debt collection agencies that recoveries money on behalf of businesses such as banks and service providers. Often you’ve had a past debt that went unresolved and now it has been passed on (or rather, sold) to Shield Mercantile.

They’re based in Parramatta but serve clients across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and in fact most of Australia.

How they work is basically a call centre of people calling up people who owe money each day, every day. Like they can call you at work and even speak to your boss about this matter.

Not only that, but demanding letters and text messages are routinely sent out. This way they can use it in Court later down the track, depending on the size of your debt(s).

And yep – they can take you to Court if they wish. They’ve got documentation from your previous service provider or bank that shows you’re owing money which you didn’t pay.

This is why you need to be proactive. The National Debt Helpline is always available if you’re truly struggling. Some people will benefit from contact Shield Mercantile directly.

On the other hand, others will be nervous to speak on the phone and admit that they are broke. You know – you lost your job, the dog is sick and food needs to go on the table.

If that’s you – then get in touch because we can recommend you to someone fantastic who can speak with Shield Mercantile on your behalf! This way all the phone calls and letters can stop right away. It’s initially a FREE phone advice service.

But anyway, let’s address some common questions.

Shield Mercantile Complaints

There are dozens of people who are unhappy with the conduct of Shield Mercantile. Find out why! Basically, their staff can be rude and unwilling to listen to your poor story about why you can’t pay your debt obligations under Australian laws.

Shield Mercantile Complaints Australia

Can they call me every day?

Yes – they can call you up to 10 times per month. They can actually call you 10 days in a row before taking a 20-day break. They’re allowed to call up to 9pm at night and even on Sundays!

Why are they calling me?

You owe a debt or perhaps someone you know owes a debt. They’re calling because they want it to be repaid, even if it’s just a payment plan. Ignoring your phone won’t work for them as they will become more and more aggressive.

Is it true that they have stalked me on Facebook!

Potentially the damage has already been done. Maybe they’ve looked at your photos and status updates. They can see who your friends are and will probably start contacting them now too and see if they can fish some money out, or just make things very awkward for you. Imagine that conversation at the next family BBQ. ?

How can you help?

The Debt Free Community can help by showing you our recommended mediation service. It’s a FREE phone call to assess your situation so they can see if completely stopping the phone calls and letters is possible. Maybe it is…maybe it isn’t. The only way to know for sure is to reach out to us today. It could be a match!

Next steps

You simply can’t ignore the reality of the situation here. Shield Mercantile have years of experience in the field of Australian debt recovery…and you can’t hide!

They have all the data and information they want. Some debt collectors even hire private investigators which can even knock on your front door. Scary thought, isn’t it?

Now – that doesn’t need to happy. You can solve these issues by addressing the root cause of the issue. That is: There is debt recovery action being done, and you need to do something NOW.

Make it happen today!

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