Complete Credit Solutions: Are they harassing you?

If you’re being chased by debt obligations by Complete Credit Solutions, then pay attention! We’ll share how to stop them from harassing you today!

This is an Australian company whose main gig is debt recovery and that entails phone calls, text messages and letters of demand. This can go on for months on end!

If you’ve borrowed money and you haven’t repaid, then this could be YOU that they are chasing. Truth be told…that it’s sort of hard to run now. In this article, we’ll show you why.

Complete Credit Solutions

Just imagine a whole bunch of people crowded around an office. Their main aim is to call up people like you all day long and demand payments for overdue debts.

It’s not a fun work environment at all, but it’s exactly how they make their profits. They’re driven and eager to get their debtors (yourself) paying all that overdue interest.

Complete Credit Solutions is a well known Parramatta-based debt collection agency. They often buy up debts in bulk for cheap in the hopes of recovering them.

Complete Credit Solutions scam

The thing is, if you’re in debt, then the National Debt Helpline is always there for you as a resource. On the other hand, you could also talk to Complete Credit Solutions too.

Some people have even engaged our recommended service so you don’t need to talk to them yourself! ? It’s FREE to have an initial chat over the phone.

Either way – you need to act NOW. This is serious stuff. If you ignore it, it is only going to get worse, long before it gets better.

If you read the reviews, most people aren’t too happy with the conduct of Complete Credit Solutions. Their complaints are in the dozens, but if you do have an issue, then the best way is to address it to them personally.

With that out of the way, let’s look deeper.

Can they go through my social media?

Yes – they certainly can! Australian debt collectors are notorious for stalking people’s social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. It gives them all the information they need! They can see that you’re spending money…so you’ve got money to pay back your overdue loan or credit card. It’s probably too late to close your accounts…the damage has already been done.

Complete Credit Solutions complaints

The main complaint that people have is that their staff can be rude and won’t listen to your stories about job losses, car broke down or the cat got sick. Their main aim is to get you paying back the debts that you owe right away! However, they do have a formalized complaints process.

Complete Credit Solutions complaints Australia

What happens if I don’t pay?

Oh – it gets worse! Often a lot worse. They just won’t “forget about it” magically. See – they have your address, both home and work. They have probably found your boss on social media too, plus your friends and family. Often they start contacting these people too. It’s embarassing! Don’t run from these problems.

Why aren’t there many reviews?

This is a newer company where it takes time to compile Complete Credit Solutions reviews online. Also – they are a lot smaller as a debt recovery company, dwafed by some of Australia’s giants like Credit Corp and ACM group. Wait 1 to 2 years and you’ll start to see some on Product Review and on other sites.

Can I write them a magical letter?

This stuff often doesn’t really work. You just waste time and the debt just gets bigger (More interest, more fees, longer to pay back etc) so those magical letters aren’t really effective. You can write them a letter stating your challenges right now and maybe, just maybe…they might be willing to hear you out.

I want to ignore the phone calls and text messages

We wouldn’t recommend that approach at all! If your phone or mailbox is clogging full of demand letters and messages from Complete Credit Solutions, then you need to address this. There is obviously a serious problem here. Getting in touch with them or the NDS is a great approach.

How can you help me?

The Debt Free Community is a wonderful resource and we’ve partnered with a great company who provides FREE initial advice over the phone. See – they can talk to debt collectors on your behalf FOR YOU…so you don’t have to get the fear and anxiety.

Resolving with Complete Credit Solutions

We recommend proactiveness right now. It isn’t a time to “think about it” – you need to do something RIGHT NOW. Debt recovery and bankrupcy in Australia is serious stuff and Complete Credit Solutions doesn’t muck around.

You know this already – they’re contacting you every week, right? Very proactive.

It’s time to sit up and pay attention. If you need someone to talk to them on your behalf, then get in touch today!

If they are harassing you, then it’s best to chat to CCS directly.

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