Beyond Debt Australia Review: Are They Any Good?

So you’re looking to use Beyond Debt Australia and want to know if it’s worth it? After all, their website looks neat and tidy.

You’re probably considering some help with your debt which is great. See – most people never actually summon the courage to actually do something about this.

We’re passionate about living debt-free and getting professional help is often the first step in that process. That’s why we love seeing companies like this around, instead of those offering payday loans.

But are Beyond Debt worth it? In this review, we’re going to examine what they do and they can stop dodgy debt collectors from calling you.

Let’s begin now.

Beyond Debt Australia Review

You’ve been on their website or you’ve heard about their services from a friend or family member. Now you’re open to the idea of getting professional help.

Beyond Debt Australia Review

We would say you’re pretty well smart or lucky. See – most people don’t even realize services like this actually exist. They would prefer to live a life of pain and misery instead, with debt mounting up each and every month.

And honestly, that’s no way to live. You really need to use one of these services to get you started on the path towards a debt-free lifestyle. That’s what our website is all about actually and we independently review services on offer.

When we had a chance to look at Beyond Debt Australia recently, we were sceptical. Do they actually deliver the goods? We’re curious as people have been burned before.

So we decided to call them up and ask them a ton of questions. We simply pretended that we needed help and tested to see if they are actually legit.

The results?

Well, the person on the phone was extremely friendly and answered the questions in a way that a 7-year-old could understand. We were impressed especially as we purposely threw in some technical debt-related questions as well that only professionals would really know the answer to.

So that checked out as very good. The person sounded young as well, but despite her age, she was very knowledgeable.

Validating online reviews

Then we had a look online at several review sites and were equally impressed with Beyond Debt Australia. They use Feefo as opposed to ProductReview or other sites, but they did check out as genuine.

Have a look at this:

Beyond Debt Review

That review was left on the Beyond Debt Australia just a few days ago.

Now look at this one:

Beyond Debt customer testimonial

This one too! Notice the real names they use:

Beyond Debt Sydney Review

Even customer experiences from Perth:

Using Beyond Debt

In fact, there are hundreds on the Beyond Debt Australia Facebook Page where you can read through. To save you the time, we found very few negative experiences with this company over the last 3 years.

One thing is for sure: They are out to help as many Australians as possible and we highly praise them for this! Compare that to payday lenders who just want to offer a 30% interest rate which only makes people struggle even more.

Services they provide

Let’s examine what is actually on offer from these guys. We did quite a bit of research to validate what they provide is genuinely correct.

Their solutions currently include:

  1. Debt agreements. This is the best way to stop those nasty debt collectors from calling you!
  2. Debt consolidation loans which is another great strategy. It’s something worthwhile if you have multiple debts too.
  3. Informal agreements which are a light version which can help you during challenging times.
  4. Personal insolvency agreement which is a great alternative to bankruptcy. These can stop you from losing your house to the banks.
  5. Full bankruptcy agreements as a last resort. If you’re simply unable to pay your debts, then Beyond Debt can help you (but will firstly look at all other options available to avoid this)

Again, we’re impressed with the service offering right here. Why so? Because instead of just offering 1 or 2 services which restrict people and their individual services, Beyond Debt Australia can actually offer a service that is more tailored and affordable to the individual.

Common criticism

Of course, we can’t provide a genuine Beyond Debt review unless we include some criticism too. There are a few people that just weren’t happy.

We’ve evaluated the responses of people who didn’t like their services and we’ve seen a common trait. These people just don’t qualify, unfortunately.

See the thing is with these debt relief services is that they aren’t for everyone. Only a certain percentage of people will benefit from their services. Others, on the other hand, might want to just deal with debt collectors themselves, and that is totally OK if you can handle it.

(Most often, however, you’re just not getting a good deal.)

People who are negative just didn’t fit the service offering. They might be 100% reliant on Centrelink income or just haven’t worked in a job for say 5 months and then rage online. This isn’t a genuine experience since they haven’t use the actual services.

It’s clear that Beyond Debt is only for the right people – that is those that can genuinely be helped in troubling times. They even have a questionnaire on their website to help get a snapshot of people and their situation.

An alternative is the National Debt Helpline (1800 007 007) though these people can’t really talk to debt collectors for you. Often they just share the same information here that you’ll find on our website.

One thing is for sure though: The vast majority of people are happy with the services on offer. It’s our opinion that you should give ’em a call and actually engage with someone instead of reading online comments by unnamed individuals out to simply have a whinge and a pat on the back.

Now with that in mind, let’s look at some common questions:

How does beyond debt work?

Beyond Debt Australia works by stopping debt collector calls through finding a solution to your situation. They’ve helped thousands of Australians to slowly eliminate debt from their life and can stop annoying phone calls and letters of demand.

Has anyone used Beyond Debt?

Yes – thousands of people in Australia have used Beyond Debt over the last 10 years. We’ve validated their company history and they check out as genuine. These are real Australians using Beyond Debt to get themselves out of debt today.

What are Beyond Debt Fees?

They charge $0 upfront to speak with someone over the phone. In some instances, their services won’t cost you anything out of pocket either. Everything is detailed in their Product Disclosure Statement which they will provide you. Most importantly – look at what they can save you!

Is Beyond Debt just the same as My Budget?

Not really. MyBudget operates a bit differently to Beyond Debt though they do provide debt consolidation services. Beyond Debt doesn’t really take over your bank account nor do they charge an upfront fee for this ‘service’.

Are their solutions for everyone?

No. You can find a range of debt reduction solutions on their website but they assess people individually to see if they are actually legible for the services. Some people just won’t qualify at the end of the day, hence the several negative reviews online. Most people are very happy with their solutions and that’s what counts.

Are they only for Australia?

Yes, it appears those that live in New Zealand don’t qualify at this stage. However, if you’re a Kiwi and living in Australia, you’re very likely able to benefit from their services. Get in touch with their team for an assessment.

Beyond Debt Australia: In summary

It’s clear from our direct experiences and our online research that these guys are legitimate in their approach to help everyday Australians.

In other words, they can help you stop those frustrating debt collector calls. You know – those letters of demand, overdue repayments, SMS text messages and phone calls. Those are frustrating and embarrassing, aren’t they? They even make you a little be nervous as to what might happen next.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Use one of these debt reduction services today.

Living debt-free in Australia
Australian debt-free family paying bills together and managing the budget

Can everyone benefit from their services? Clearly, no. Some people won’t meet the minimums to take on a debt consolidation loan or another service that they offer. Others have a high disposable income and can pay back debts by themselves within months.

That said, if you’re looking for one of Australia’s best debt reduction companies, you’ve found them. We certainly approve of Beyond Debt and recommend that you call them on 1300 896 143.

Because at the end of the day, your problems won’t magically vanish. You can’t ignore the severity of the situation here. Most people do need to engage with a company like this who can give you a fresh start.

And that fresh start gets you on the pathway to a debt-free lifestyle and joining thousands in the communities around Australia living this life of freedom. We hope you’ll join us with this life of freedom. 🙂

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