Arma Group Debt Recovery: How To Deal With Text Messages & Emails

So you’re being chased by Arma Group Debt Recovery and need a solution. The Debt Free Community is right here and ready to help!

We’re getting reports that Arma Debt Collection is trying to recovery people’s debts through phone calls, text messages and demanding letters. Have you?

Because we’d love to hear from you if you’re a victim of these challenging financial times. There is light at the end of the tunnel and with The Debt Free Community, you don’t have to go it alone.

Arma Debt Collection

Have you just been contacted by the debt collection agency called Arma Group? They are one of Australia’s most aggressive debt collectors who send out SMS text messages and letters with strong warnings.

You might even have received some phone calls from them using disguised phone numbers. They are becoming creative to try and get you on the phone and make you admit that you owe them money.

Arma Debt Collection

What has probably happened is that another company that you’ve owed money to has tried to get in touch. You’ve ignored them because you don’t have much money to give to anyone right now. Am I right?

So now, imagine this. That same debt has been put in the hands of Arma Group who wouldn’t be as nice to deal with. They deal with people like you across Australia each and every week.

They have one aim: Get money from you. It’s how they get paid!

Here’s what to do:

Your options

As far as we’re concerned, we would recommend the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 if you’re going through difficult times. They can’t get you out of this mess, but at least you will have someone to talk to.

You might also wish to get some money from friends or family. Others have resorted to selling stuff they don’t want, need or use anymore. Gumtree and eBay are great places for this.

Please do not, under any circumstances, take out a payday loan to pay these guys. It’s a recipe for disaster! You can’t pay debt with additional debt.

Debt collectors at Arma Group

Talking to Arma debt recovery often does lead to a solution. While they won’t be happy that they can’t get 100% collection today, even if you paid them a little bit, they will leave you alone for a while.

But then again, who wants to talk to a rude debt collector who just wants money? You certainly don’t. Our experienced team can do that for you, hopefully, to get you a better deal at the end of the day.

When it gets worse

If you ignore what is happening, then legal notices from them might start to appear. You might have to go to Court and they have all the evidence in the world to prove that you owe money. The solicitors often side with debt collection agencies instead of the poor individuals who are hard done by.

The worst part is the door knocking! They can come to your house and demand payments from you. Imagine having your friends over on a Sunday afternoon and it’s all interrupted by debt collectors. You know – 2 grown men at the front door.

That’s a quick way to spoil an otherwise great weekend where you can finally relax. Oh – and they can call you as late as 9pm at night. Do they care? Well, they just want their money as any good debt collector does. There is nothing against Arma here as they are just doing their jobs and their staff can be nice.

Arma Group: Next steps

You really need to take action today. This sort of stuff doesn’t magically go away.

Do you think ignoring your phone will solve this? It probably won’t, we’re afraid.

Neither will the thought to change your phone number. They will find the new number pretty easily, including your new address and where you work.

See – they are so sophisticated these days. They have these tools that allow them to chase after people and collect money. It’s big business in Australia, right after payday lending.

They can even stalk your Facebook profile legally! Imagine that they will now have the phone numbers of your friends and family. It’s scary but it happens weekly.

Just get in touch with us where we can hopefully sort this mess out for you today.

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