State Mercantile: Are They Chasing You For Unpaid Optus Bills?

So you’ve received a letter in the mail or a phone call from State Mercantile and it’s regarding your Optus unpaid bill. These are real debt collectors!

You can’t ignore what’s happening here as it can have severe ramifications for your future. They can put a black mark on your credit file, among other problems.

There are multiple complaints about this company and their practices. People claim that they don’t owe any debts but in fact they do. This can be from years ago.

Today we’ll examine the problems here and what you can do about it.

State Mercantile

State Mercantile are professional debt collectors. Their job is to chase individuals across Australia for unpaid debts, often arising from unpaid Optus phone bills.

State Mercantile

You might have been contacted by them recently and need to sort it out.

Here’s how:

  1. You ask them what is owed on the account
  2. Organize a payment plan or pay in one lump sum
  3. Move on from the experience before it affects your credit history.

It’s really that simple, however, for some people they think it’s not their responsibility anymore. You know – the debt is a few years old now.

The thing is: These guys can negatively impact your life hence the online complaints. You might go for a car loan in the future and you might be denied because you didn’t pay up to State Mercantile.

That’s bad news, isn’t it? The solution: Just pay them.

An alternative

So you don’t want to talk to them because their staff are rude and aren’t willing to help.

One option is to get us to talk to them for you. We can work out some attractive terms and help you get back on track.

Sometimes people just don’t have the $1,000 or whatever available to them to clear the debt, and that’s OK.

You know, you might be waiting for payday or something. Having that sort of cash lying around isn’t easy to come by.

Reach out to us and let’s see if we can come up with a solution.

State Mercantile Complaints

There are multiple complaints about State Mercantile due to the behaviour of their staff members. Truth be told that they’re just trying to do their jobs properly: They want money from you!

The main way to solve this problem is just to pay up. Another alternative is the National Debt Helpline or Lifeline Australia if you’re going through a financial crisis.

Still, the problem still remains. You have a debt and it needs to be paid.

In summary

We would recommend that you work with State Mercantile to get this paid in full. You don’t want debts like this affecting your future and it can prevent you from living the debt-free lifestyle.

They are based in Brisbane and will work out a payment solution that meets your needs. Get in touch with them today or reach out to us!

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