Probe Group: How to Stop the Phone Calls and Letters

Let me guess, you been contacted by Probe Group? They’ve been trying to get in touch with you for the debts in Australia that you haven’t paid back.

Truth be told…a lot of these debt collectors operate the same way. They’re sometimes harsh but sometimes also nice too. It really depends on the person you get on the other end of the phone.

One thing is for sure – they’re relentless. They can track you down and even sometimes take you to court. It’s frustrating…but often times there are numerous options that you have to resolve it.

What is Probe Group

These guys are a debt collection agency. How they work is that their team spends all day on the phone calling people who are overdue payments. If you read the online reviews of Probe Group, they don’t look good. What is a simple matter can sometimes turn very complex!

You see – your debt is now with them. So instead of your old bank or service provider spending their hours chasing the debt, they’ve passed it on. Now, these debt collectors are harsher. You know – they want the money back TODAY.

But you’re probably finding it hard to pay, right? ? There are some good solutions here though which should help.

What I want to do is elaborate on some of the instances where you might experience this company and its practices.

Probe Group phone calls

Did you get a phone call from Probe Group? It went something like “We’re chasing such and such about an unresolved financial matter.” – What is happening is that they’re debt collectors wanting some payments. It’s sometimes scary!

What does Probe Group collect for?

It’s simple! When you don’t pay your tax or electricity debts, it gets sold to a 3rd party. There are many of these companies in Australia. So what has likely happened is that the old debt that you or your friend ignored was sold to Probe Group recently.

Do they really care about me?

Often debt collectors get a bad reputation because of the toxic nature of this industry. You’re in tough times and they just want money, right? In this case, often Probe Group staff actually do have a heart and will listen. But sometimes you’re too scared to talk to them, so you can talk to us instead!

Does Probe Group collect for the ATO?

Yes. In Australia, the Probe Group does collect for the Australian Tax Office. It saves the ATO from chasing you around with phone calls and letters. We would recommend contacting the ATO directly if it’s your personal tax matter or Probe Group, depending on your situation.

Where do they get these debts?

These debts owned by debt collectors are bought in bulk. Like often they will buy 1,000+ people’s unpaid debts at a time. It’s how they operate. Often they will get a big discount on these debts in the hope to get a profit. Like they will buy the debts for $20 when you owe them $80.

Does Probe Group collect for Centrelink?

Yes – Probe Collections does collect from Centrelink. So does Dun and Bradstreet. These guys chase people who are not meeting their debt obligations through a flood of phone calls, letters, messages and even emails. Sometimes debt collectors can even stop ATO payments.

Can I just avoid this whole issue?

No – you can’t. You shouldn’t. We would never advise that you go silent. This is because debt collectors in Australia are very sophisticated nowadays. They can trawl through your social media accounts and find out where you’ve been and often where you work too. Next minute your boss starts getting phone calls regarding your debts too. Embarrassing!

We would recommend two approaches. Firstly, get in touch with Probe Group. They can help! If you’re too afraid to talk to them, then reach out to us!

Is Probe Group associated with Telstra?

Some people have reported that Probe Group works for Telstra to recover old debts. You know – you’ve missed a monthly payment and they’re now chasing you. What do you do? Read more about how you can respond.

Do they have anything to do with Youth Allowance?

Yes – absolutely! If you have been paid too much Youth Allowance from Centrelink, then you need to pay it back. If you don’t – the debt collectors come knocking. Robodebt is something that is frustrating for many and yes, it does make mistakes. But often it’s also correct.

Probe group letters

Not sure what to do with Probe Group letters of demand? I bet they’re strongly worded, aren’t they? A little bit nasty if you will. They say something like “Please contact us IMMEDIATELY to resolve this matter”. Read more on what to do.

How to respond to a Probe Group text message

Did you get an SMS message from Probe Group saying “Please call us today regarding an urgent matter with this reference number.” These text messages are being sent out to people who owe money, often to Centrelink or to other companies like Telstra.

Debt Collection Probe Group Text message

To deal with this, you need to get in touch with them. Or you can ask us to help you so you don’t need to speak with them yourself. ? Ignorance only makes things worse, including additional fees and charges.

Can Probe Group debt collectors visit my house?

Absolutely they can! Their toughest staff members can visit your home or workplace and demand to speak with you immediately. It’s both scary and embarrassing. If it gets that bad…well you need to do something FAST! Working out a payment solution is one good option.

Are they operating illegally?

No – not quite. This is one of the more honest debt collectors who do their best to stay within the confines of the law. Illegal practices include phone calls at 2am or false impersonation. We haven’t seen any reports of these practices actually happening with this Australian company as yet.

Get it resolved today

The Debt Free Community is a helpful resource for people to get back on track in life. We’re a great marketing company that recommends a service where you can get free consultations over the phone.

What does this mean for you? Our recommended team can talk to the debt collectors for you!

This way you don’t have to deal with debt collection tactics and rudeness. ?

You instead talk to a cool bunch of people with a heart who is ready to listen.

All these frustrating phone calls and painful reminders can stop today! We would recommend you make a phone call – either to us or Probe Group and have these matters resolved.

Otherwise, it’s very likely that things are just going to get so much worse!

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