Marshall Freeman Review: Are They Any Good?

Are you being chased by Marshall Freeman? These debt collectors call poor Australians every single day and try to get the money repaid.

Marshall Freeman Review

Reading through the reports online and you’ll see a common trend of bad reviews and lots of complaints. People are being hassled by this company so often with phone calls, letters and SMS messages. Did you receive one?

It would say: “Please contact Marshall Freeman today regarding an urgent personal matter!” – What this means is that you owe a company some money and they are using Marshall Freeman to do the dirty work.

Essentially, you’ll need to take action. But here’s the problem: What if you don’t have any money to give ’em? Then it becomes an interesting situation.

Is it a scam?

No – receiving any communication from Marshall Freeman isn’t a scam. They are a legitimate company based in Burleigh Heads QLD. It’s essentially their job to call cash-stricken people all day long.

If you don’t pay ’em then you’ll probably get a black mark on your credit file pretty soon. So then the next time you apply for finance, you could be knocked back. This is why we advocate that you do something.

Marshall Freeman debt collection practices

How they work is a 5-tiered approach and this is quite common by Australian debt collectors.

  1. It starts with phone calls. You’ll get called by them during the day or evenings and yes, this can include weekends.
  2. Then the letters start coming. These are heavily worded “You owe us money!” type of demands. This can include physical mail in your mailbox and emails too.
  3. You’ll be texted by them as we’ve outlined above. They can also text your friends and family if they know their details too.
  4. They might start stalking your social media profiles. Yes, this includes Facebook and Instagram. This isn’t so common though but it’s good to set your privacy settings to private.
  5. Lastly, they can come and visit your house. This includes weekends and as late as 9pm at night. It will be 2 very tough looking guys that won’t be nice just like you see in the movies. Very scary!

From there, you might be dragged into the court room and have to convince the magistrate that you’re innocent. This is a rare case but it can happen if your debt is huge where they think they have a fighting chance to get you coughing up the cash.

By the way – do you have the budget for an expensive lawyer? They do.

Where did this start?

You probably took out a loan, credit card or have a utility bill. As that company has all your details and you stopped paying them, they offloaded the hard work to Marshall Freeman.

Essentially, you’re already in hot water and need to sort this out before it gets worse.

What you can do

The most common thing that people choose to do is ignore all communication. This is actually a terrible choice as it leads to worse consequences. They go after a harder chase on the people who don’t respond to their communications i.e. calls, text messages and emails.

Marshall Freeman are professional debt collectors and as the reviews show, they are relentless in their pursuit. It’s really hard for you to escape your debt obligations.

Essentially, it’s often easier to have a chit-chat with them. They are very likely to offer a payment plan and won’t need the full lump sum transferred immediately.

One alternative option is to use the resources from us! The Debt Free Community is ready and committed to help you during these troubling times.

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