Welcome to The Debt-Free Community


My name is Joshua, and I’d like to welcome you and provide you with an introduction to The Debt-Free Community for Australia.

This is a website, blog and knowledge-base I curated. A centrally-located hub that will help everyday Australians move towards a Debt-Free lifestyle as I have.

You’ve found here the first post. The first post of many that will be beneficial in helping everyone gather the tools and resources to assist them in dealing with ever-increasing debt.

My knowledge

Over the years, I hope to be of immense value to you here. To provide the best information possible, for you as an individual, or family, to make an informed decision. Allow this to be your resource-base, the sanctuary you need when times get tough.

The content I’ll be providing here will be assisting many people towards a debt-free lifestyle. Naturally, as we don’t know each other personally, I am unable to provide personalized-advice. You can be resourceful in using my site for your reference, and be better equipped to deal with your debt obligations and creditors.

Welcome to the Debt Free Community Australia

For those with questions, you’re most welcome to use the Contact form provided here.

I look forward to being of value here, as an individual whose knowledge can be of use by so many Australians. We’ve all done it tough, and now it’s time for a refreshing change to the landscape.

My final thoughts

I firstly want to say ‘Thank you’. Firstly, thank you for choosing to find this site, for looking at the first and original post here. Towards researching what my site was always intended to be about.

Secondly, thank you for decided to make a change in your financial life. For choosing to move closer to the path of a debt-free lifestyle. I know it isn’t easy, it’s not exactly hard either. It’s just we need to decide and be committed.

Lastly, I’m here for you. As a friend, a mentor and a resource base. A place where you can get the best information, tools and strategies to cure your debt problems. Once and for all.

It’s all free. Starting today. Welcome to the journey ahead!

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