Wedding Debt – Avoid it at all costs!

Wedding Debt is at an all time high in Australia. It’s embarrassing to dig this hole for the both of you. We’re here to help!

There’s a lot of pressure in society today. Everyone wants the perfect wedding full of magazine-quality photos. So, you’re not alone.

We get it, but we don’t get the debt burden part. You shouldn’t get that debt either.

Wedding debt Australia
They got married using wedding debt. It’s costing them a fortune!

Simply – Don’t overspend on the big day. Avoid wedding debt at all costs. Allow us to expand further.

Australian wedding debt

Weddings cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars, up to a 6 figure amount. These costs can escalate quickly. We recommend the simple / lower cost weddings, yet at the same time, making them look very professional too. It’s possible!

Without careful planning, Australian wedding costs can easily escalate. Avoid the social media influence. Look at what you really want – to start your journey together on a clean slate.

Remember: if you’re looking to buy a house after marriage, then wedding debt is going to potentially prevent that.

Reducing wedding costs

We recommend planning the big day yourself. It can be stressful, but then so is having a wedding debt. The later will last for years.

There’s ways to save money. These include:

  1. Combat Instagram pressure by banning mobile phones from your wedding. Some people have done this!
  2. Choose a smaller wedding. You’ll save on catering, venue hire and other costs. Most people (greater than 80%) in Australia think big weddings are a waste of money anyway
  3. Use a less well-known venue. Some Australians choose to go to Bali or Fiji to get married. It’s much cheaper than the lavish venues (and inherit costs) of getting married in Australia

There’s an entire culture now dedicated towards having a wedding that costs less than $7,000. We’re serious, and we recommend it. Even for 100 guests, this is possible, if you’re prepared to do the legwork to avoid wedding debt.

Applying for a wedding loan

Firstly – no. We simply do not recommend wedding loans. We’re all about avoiding wedding debt for all Australians.

We would recommend a family loan. Or, instead of wedding gifts, simply ask for monetary gifts. This is common in other cultures. This can drastically reduce your wedding expenses.

Unsecured wedding loans have very high interest rates. Just like credit cards, they’ll be around for years. For your new journey together in life, you don’t want to have this ball and chain dragging behind you.

Starting now

If you need some help, then we can help you. There’s no obligation here. We’re here to be friends, and this community is very positive.

Start your journey fresh WITHOUT a wedding debt or loan. Avoid the fancy Instagram wedding expectations, and simply focus on what’s important – a beautiful day with your soul mate.

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