Think Money review: Should you use them?

This is a complete review of Think Money. You’ll get an insiders look, and a chance to decide independently if their services are right for you.

It’s so great that you’re here at The Debt Free Community.

We’re Australia’s #1 website dedicated to providing independent advice towards debt recovery, consolidation and starting off fresh.

There’s a lot of these companies in the marketplace. Some have been around for a long time, some are fresh and started yesterday.

We would always recommend looking for experienced and knowledgeable mentors.

Some of these companies are about to become extinct, in Australia’s great property housing crash. Ready…set…GO!

Who is Think Money?

They’re a 1-stop shop for wealth management strategies.

They can help you with wealth creation, property investing, debt consolidation and reduction as well as finance and home loans.

Truly – a 1-stop shop. They’re based on the Sunshine Coast, but they serve all of Australia. They look after a lot of FIFO workers.

Should I go to a Think Money Event?

Yes, you definitely should! They’re held regularly, in fact they have numerous classes every month. Best of all – they’re FREE.

Their workshops are themed differently, for different types of people – first home buyers, people on budgets, investors and retirees.

They also offer free coaching sessions if you can’t make it to a live event.

Should you purchase a property today?

Well, no. The Australian property market is in decline, as every media publication in Australia points out.

Here at The Debt Free Community, it would not be wise for us to recommend any property investment company in a declining market.

There’s no point paying $500,000 for a property, that’s worth $370,000 in 4 years time. That’s simply madness.

We would recommend shares. We also would recommend starting an Amazon business, where the returns are excellent.

Investing in a property right now is a very foolish idea.

Wait on the sidelines for 5 to 7 years, save those big deposits and work on increasing your income, whilst becoming debt free.

Should I use Think Money?

Yes. For debt management and budgeting advice. Not for property investing. They’ve got a solid reputation towards helping people in tough debt situations.

They’ll likely find ways to reduce your payments and have your debt paid off faster. This is in alignment with this ethos here on our website.

They also recommend property investing, which we at The Debt Free Community simply don’t recommend right now based on the economic climate.

The ideal choice for using Think Money.


This is an excellent company, backed by a solid amount of reviews. Those who leave negative reviews are due to the decline in property prices, particularly in the mining sector.

There are free resources available on their website which we’d recommend everyone look into, and we have not found any other company providing as many resources as this company does. Big tick right there.

Their team is friendly, welcoming and warm. We’d recommend the education classes, coaching calls and especially the debt reduction techniques.

Give it 5 to 7 years, and we’d recommend their investment property mentoring service as well

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