Credit Corp: How YOU can STOP the phone calls!

Yes, we have the perfect solution to stop these Credit Corp debt collectors from contacting you!

Read this complete Credit Corp review and discover the BEST way to deal with the constant debt collection phone calls, text messages, letters and demands.

We’re Australia’s #1 information site for debt relief. The Debt Free Community has helped plenty of people get through the debt problems that we all face.

We’ll likely have the right solution for you.

It’s likely that you’re being hassled. It’s likely that you want that all to stop.

Warning: It’s often the case with debt collectors that if you call or answer the phone, they’ll likely make the repayments in THEIR favour, not yours.

They’re in the business of making a profit after all. However, often Credit Corp is quite reasonable.

Who is Credit Corp?

Read this as we give a full explanation about this company.

Credit Corp is Australia’s largest debt collection agency. They call people everyday asking for repayments on old debts.

You’ve probably had a previous debt with a bank such as Commonwealth Bank, a finance company, phone company, internet company or electricity company.

Your previous company tried to contact you, and with no other option, decided to have Credit Corp handle your case.

The truth about most debt collectors

The bad news: These guys are ruthless. They’ve got motives. They’ll hassle you non-stop. After all, they don’t get paid unless you pay up.

Then it goes downhill: They’ll contact you via phone, via text message, via email and through letters of demand.

Here’s the worst part: they’ll go through your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts and look at your friends.

Then they’ll contact your friends too, to tell them about your debt! Chances are, they’ve already got your information.

It’s only a matter of time before they contact your friends and family and tell them about your debt, in an effort to get you to call them.

That’s harsh, really harsh. What a total embarrassment.

Credit Corp Australia
Harassment from a debt collector can be non-stop until you PAY!

The great news

Firstly, Credit Corp is often friendly and reasonable.

Better yet, we can put a stop to all of that, today. We work non-stop to ensure all Australians have access to this new service.

It’s a service that’s 100% FREE to have a casual chat with initially. This service recommended in this review can stop Credit Corp from ever contacting you ever again.

We recommend this service, as it’s the one we trust the most. This service will contact Credit Corp on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

They can negotiate the best deal possible which will likely be more in your favour. All that anxiety and frustration could disappear through one quick and easy phone call.

We believe you could be financially, emotionally and mentally better off with our solution.

List of Credit Corp Services phone numbers

Did you just get called from one of these phone numbers listed here? It’s Credit Corp and we know how to stop them ringing:

  • 0466 776 446
  • 0406 452 503
  • 08 7129 7514
  • 08 9082 7514
  • 02 9657 4908
  • 0406 452 273
  • 02 9112 5037
  • 02 8651 5418
  • 08 8448 0618
  • 02 8651 5317
  • 0434 437 014
  • 02 8024 9447
  • 0451 632 269
  • 0426 228 367
  • 0451 632 841
  • 0451 633 799
  • 0439 785 900
  • 0424 750 636
  • 0449 904 860
  • 0406 382 027
  • 02 8024 9465
  • 0406 380 341
  • 07 3422 6578
  • 0450 840 052
  • 0450 840 499
  • 0420 959 265

Pro-tip: Add every single one of these phone numbers to your phone book. When these phone numbers call you at random times, you’ll know it’s Credit Corp chasing you for unpaid debts!

Credit Corp Phone Numbers Australia
0466 776 446
0406 452 503
08 7129 7514
08 9082 7514
02 9657 4908
0406 452 273
02 9112 5037
02 8651 5418
08 8448 0618
02 8651 5317
0434 437 014
02 8024 9447
0451 632 269
0426 228 367
0451 632 841
0451 633 799
0439 785 900
0449 904 860
0406 382 027
02 8024 9465
0406 380 341
07 3422 6578
0450 840 052

All of these are Australian phone numbers, both mobile and landlines, which are owned by Credit Corp Pty Ltd.

Sometimes you think it’s a mate calling with their mobile then it turns out to be Credit Corp. Yikes! They want you to start repaying your debts.

Can Credit Corp charge interest?

Yes, they can. It’s very expensive too with Credit Corp charging up to 34.99% interest rates. Under Australian law, no financial institution can charge more than 35% interest.

Naturally, Credit Corp wants the best deal for themselves, not for you. They want you paying their expensive loans for years to come.

But the good news is that they’re calling you now. This way it can be addressed before it gets out of hand.

It’s a tough place for you to be in, that’s why we don’t recommend talking to them directly unless your debt is super small.

We don’t want you to ignore them – YOUR DEBT is real. But our recommended service can help you get a much better deal.

How do I stop Credit Corp harassment?

The ideal recommendation to stop harassment is to follow the advice here.

It’s non-stop with CreditCorp isn’t it! The phone calls, the text messages, the emails, the letters and your constant worrying.

Perhaps you’re not sleeping at night, and it’s really affecting your life.

There are really only two ways for it to stop:

  1. Call them and work out an arrangement (Best choice)
  2. Use our 100% FREE recommended service (a very good idea!) that can stop the harassment.

The choice is yours, and we know what option hundreds of Australians have chosen to do. Also, we’ve written a more extensive guide on dealing with Credit Corp Harassment across Australia.

Stopping Credit Corp harassment
Credit Corp – when the debt gets too much

Can I apply for Credit Corp hardship?

Yes, you can. Well, sort of. In most cases, no. Most people already holding debts with Credit Corp, simply consider themselves in a hardship situation.

But most people still have some sort of income source that isn’t from the government. They generally won’t accept anything unless it’s medically related.

For example, you’re physically incapable of working and earning an income.

For all others, we do recommend an excellent service that can help you through the process, without the harassment that people usually get from debt collectors.

Can I complain to the Ombudsman about Credit Corp?

Yes, you can. Many people have done so. It doesn’t stop the debt at all. In fact, the interest simply gets charged all the time.

Complaining doesn’t really achieve anything. Certainly, it doesn’t make the threatening demands stop at all.

They have a job to do and that is to get you repaying your debts.

Can I just ignore this for 7 years and it goes away?

Not really. Like yes…..but it will be a really long and hard 7 years. If at any time they are able to re-engage contact with you then the clock effectively starts again. It could be 14 or even 21 years that they’ll be right there behind you.

What we’ve come to know is that in years 5 and 6, these debt collectors realize their time is running out and must ramp up their pursuit of debtors like you.

Expect them to delve deeper to track you down even if you moved halfway across the country. They have 1,000+ staff members and some very talented folk who know how to find people. It wouldn’t surprise us if they hire some ex-detectives who can track and trace very well but do this very covertly and legally too.

Essentially, it’s probably not worth trying to ride and hide for 7 years. Within a couple of years you could be up on your feet and able to pay again, even just a mild payment plan. Stay optimistic here.

A few years after you could then be able to buy a house. So yeah…we wouldn’t recommend that you hide in the dark hoping they won’t catch you because they are indeed quite sophisticated these days. Don’t lose hope here as such setbacks are just temporary.

Front up to the debt and see if you can get a discount on the amount or at least a pause on the interest accumulation. Remember you’ve got the upper hand (they want you to pay them) and you can set the terms, but ignorance isn’t bliss. We might be able to get better terms for you.

Does Credit Corp really contact my friends and family?

Yes, they do. It’s one of their best weapons actually. They might have already gone through your social media pages. Most people have public friends lists on Facebook and Instagram.

Even if you don’t, they know who you’ve interacted with on status updates. And they’ll contact them. Your boss for example or relatives.

Good To Go Loans

It’s totally embarrassing. It’s wrong. But it’s not illegal (….yet it should be!). There’s nothing you can do now, changing your privacy settings won’t do anything.

The damage has been done. Again – don’t lose hope here. There is light at the end of this tunnel.

What is the best solution?

We simply recommend using the service that we’ll recommend here. There are many advantages including…

  • Your phone will stop ringing day and night with random numbers
  • They’ll talk to Credit Corp for you (You don’t have to do it yourself)
  • You’ll likely get a much better deal (including a potential discount)
  • The service is 100% FREE and is easy to use without much jargon
  • There will be no more letters of demand in the mailbox (Yay!)
  • Make Credit Corp stop contacting your friends and family

The solution doesn’t suit all people. In fact, those with debts less than $7,000 may wish to contact Credit Corp directly. Otherwise, we feel this is for you if…

  • You want this sorted out today ASAP
  • You have debt more than $7,000
  • You’re willing to work with this service
  • You’re struggling to pay, and want a good outcome
  • You want this opportunity to rebuild your life
  • You don’t want to be stuck with this debt forever

The Summary

If you want to sleep better tonight, we highly recommend this service. We highly recommend you take action today.

Remember, your Credit Corp debt will NOT go away. It only gets worse.

This 100% FREE service can put a stop to it today. It’s easy to get started now, and this is likely the correct solution for you.

We recommend a 100% FREE service to deal with Credit Corp

Thousands of Australians have used this service already with excellent results.

The people behind this service genuinely care about you, and are more than happy to hear about your story.

They’ll be understanding and caring, and their friendly personality is why we recommend them the most.

Here at the Debt Free Community, we genuinely care about your outcome.

We hope to get you on the right path, and we hope this review has been of immense value to you.

It’s often best to deal with your debts is by arranging payment plans with the debt collectors themselves. Credit Corp can be reasonable and listen to your personal situation and affordability.

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