Sued for debt: We can talk to the court!

If you’re being sued for a debt, and the debt collector is harassing, then let us talk to the court. In this guide, we’ll examine the process for you.

We’re Australia’s favourite resource. The Debt-Free Community is here to give individuals a voice and stand up for the little guy. Absolutely we want to help you!

Fact: You must act quickly! Don’t let it get any worse. Otherwise, it will. You’ll be much worse off down the track. Let us help you.

Reach out to us now so we can chat for 10 minutes regarding your situation. We also recommend proper legal advice as to the #1 priority right now.

Sued for debt: What they can do

The debt collector might have certain powers. It is especially true if you’re being sued for debt and attend court.

These include:

  • They can take your stuff if they want (They’ll find all the good stuff)
  • They surely can get your boss to pay your salary to them (Not good)
  • You’ll have an impact for several years with a mark on your credit history
  • It has known to happen with police coming around and arresting debtors
  • There’s lots of power to them, and not much power for you my friend

We want to help you immediately. Those letters demanding payment are real. They won’t magically go away.

Our research highlights that Australian finance laws are right now stacked in the favour of debt collectors, not individuals.

Plus – they’ve probably got all the paperwork and confessions from you regarding the debt. You’re in hot water!

Sued for debt Australia
Being sued for debt? They’re probably going to force you to pay. Bad news!

What’s the solution? We have it. Our recommended service can stop them by talking to the court for you. This is working for thousands of people in Australia.

Don’t do this on your own

Some people ignore our advice, and try to sort it out themselves. Wrong move!

We provide 100% FREE advice over a 10-minute phone call. It’s really that easy!

You don’t have to pay our recommended team anything.

Yet, these things could happen if you don’t chat to us:

  • Much higher interest rate applied to the debt amount
  • They can jack up the amount that you owe big time
  • They’ll knock on your door at daytime and evenings
  • Stuff that you own could be taken away (including cars)
  • Phone calls, letters and messages will keep coming all day
  • Essentially: They’ll be a menace to you with constant attacks

We can make a stop to that. Starting today we’re here to help!

Look: it’s clearly NOT a good thing being sued by a creditor at any time for your personal debt. We feel that it’s not too late to do something which makes a difference.

This opportunity is real

You can choose between the Debt Collector / Sheriff, or simply work with us. We’ll happily listen to you. Unlike the rest, we actually have a heart. We’ll understand your situation.

If you’re curious, we’ve actually helped a lot of people. There’s plenty on our testimonials page of praise. There is a better way, and it’s our solution to you.

We’ve helped literally thousands of Australians through our recommended service. Best part? Chatting to us is 100% FREE. Literally, just get in touch with us today.

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