Stop Normalizing Debt & Live Debt Free

Enough is enough – let’s stop normalizing debt. We’re super passionate about helping and guiding Australians to become debt free.

It’s super frustrating to see people normalizing debt, as if it’s something that we should all have, and somehow enjoy. It isn’t. Debt is nasty, like a hamster caught on the endless wheel.

Quite commonly, it leads you to falling into deeper debt. A constant cycle, like a hamster caught in a trap. Instead of simply taking out another loan, let’s help you with these tips to stop normalizing debt.

Stop Normalizing Debt
Wake up call: Many Australians are in SEVERE debt. Let’s get you out!

You can live debt free. You’ve just got to be willing to learn and apply. We’re also happy to help you!

Start your budget

Those that normalize debt are generally living beyond their means already. They’ll continue to use debt to fund their lifestyle, and quite commonly you’ll find their exotic lifestyles on Instagram.

Truth is: They’re only sliding deeper and deeper into debt. A cycle that is unlikely to be broken during their lifetime.

We recommend that you set a realistic budget. Having an ultimate savings goal in mind. The objective primarily is to pay off your debt before making your next big purchase.

Once you’ve got this goal in mind, you’ll know how much you have to live on, plus the time it will take to pay off your loan. You’ll be counting down the months (and then days) in no time!

Credit cards are NOT income sources

This is a habit that we’re optimistic about breaking. Using a credit card simply isn’t a new exciting income stream. It is, instead, a place of misery. Long term misery, which creates short term wins.

We understand that some people simply have credit cards as emergency funds, as opposed to income sources. We praise this, though we also praise having a solid amount of savings set aside more importantly.

Everyone recommends that you pay off your credit card in full at the end of every month. Absolutely – we’d agree. You don’t want interest, extra charges and (potential) late fees added.

Simply don’t use credit cards as a source of income. Ever. It’s the anti-path to the debt free lifestyle, and the opposite direction of what we discuss here within the community.

Justifying desires is flawed

Here’s another trap: thinking that something that you need is the same as something that you want. There’s a big difference actually.

A new pair of shoes? Sure. If you really need those. If it’s your 7th pair this year, then no. Pass on these desires, as such justification is fundamentally flawed.

Truly own your debt situation

Going towards the debt free lifestyle starts with the truth. If you’re in truth, and you’re happy to admit it – then great! It’s time to tackle this head on.

To begin, let’s start with:

  • Evaluating the nature of your debts (and how it happened)
  • Calculation of your total debts, both secured and unsecured
  • Begin an emergency money fund starting today (not a credit card)
  • Plan the next few years so you can find salvation without debt

This is where you’ll take full responsibility. You acknowledging a problem, instead of normalizing debt like everyone else. Do this if you actually want to OWN your life, as opposed to living on debt.

Stop normalizing debt: We can help

Are you struggling? Then we’re willing to help you. Starting today. Like, right now. Young and old, we’ve helped them all. People from all across Australia have been assisted through us.

We know it’s a little embarrassing. Yet we speak to people like you every single day. We’re advocating to stop normalizing debt.

We can stop the issues before they get bigger and worse. Let us help you – it’s what we’re here for. We can do this together.

Thousands of Australians have trusted us. We’re cool, and we believe in you. Let’s do this today!

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