Spotter Loans: Why Australians Are Getting a Risky Payday Deal

If you’re looking for a payday loan with little financial benefits for the borrower, then Spotter Loans is the company for you.

With super high interest rates and penalties for borrowers, if they miss repayments, this is a good lender for those who won’t research things properly.

Yep – it’s true that Spotter Loans charges very high interest rates and it makes it a risky deal for Aussie borrowers. This doesn’t make them dodgy though.

So many of these lenders keep popping up all over Australia. We’re afraid of the significant damage that is being done to people’s lives.

Let’s begin

Spotter Loans

There is a common trait with these loans where ‘responsible lending’ gets pushed to the side in the interests of profit. After all, payday loans are a billion-dollar industry here in Australia.

The thing is though, Spotter Loans are one of the good guys that tries their best. They are committed to lending money to only those borrowers will will actually be able to make those huge repayments.

Spotter Loans

And yes – they are big. You’re looking at 30% interest rates if you get your payday loan with them. Oh – and the penalties, if you miss a payment, are severe.

If you don’t think you can afford a loan, then don’t take one out. Especially don’t take out any type of financing if you need to pay other debts.

Did you know that your creditors have to provide you with payment extensions? They also need to listen to your calls about financial hardship.

Why it’s not good news

We’re anti-payday here at The Debt Free Community. We’ve seen the damage that this industry does to everyday people like yourself doing it tough.

These greedy banks take advantage of people like yourself who are in dire straits. It’s unfair and unethical, but they make millions every week of people lik you.

In fact, here in Australia, the payday industry is worth a billion dollars. That’s crazy!

It’s basically a massive profit-house for them with no real advantages for you.

You’re basically signing a contract that says “bend me over”. You probably knew that though, but why do it? Because you need money fast.

You see the slick advertising “Instant cash today” and things like that. It’s not good but it works, with thousands of people taking out loans like this every single day.

A downward spiral we go

So many people take out these short-term loans for two primary reasons:

  1. To pay back other debts like overdue credit cards or electricity bills
  2. Feed their addiction like gambling or alcohol (Lifeline Australia can help)

You’ll be throwing flames in your attempt to extinguish a house fire. That doesn’t make a whole deal of sense.

Typically it sends people backwards in life and they just can’t escape from the debt trap. You might think you’re on top of things, but it often doesn’t work out.

Instead, consider things you can do instead. Can you sell some of your unused stuff? How about getting another job? That’s much more safer.

How we can help

Are you at the stage where you’re being hassled by debt collectors? Feeling the heat of debt? That’s where we can help you out.

Instead of you being embarased and frustrated when talking to these people, we can do it for you. This way your phone can stop ringing and you can get on with life.

The Debt Free Community was established to stop people from having to deal with these nasty people. Hopefully we can get you a better deal and maybe a discount on the original debt. Maybe.

Will you be successful? The only way to find out is to get your details over to us today. One FREE friendly phone call is all it takes to discover if this will work.

In summary

We routinely warn people away from the dangerous industry of payday lending. Even personal loans can have significant disadvantages.

Instead, you gotta be proactive. Don’t ignore the severity of the situation here. They can come door-knocking with tough guys to collect the money you owe.

You don’t need instant cash. You need someone you can talk to!

Get in touch with us today to see some options available for FREE.

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