Pioneer Credit: This solution makes the phone STOP ringing!

Yes, this complete Pioneer Credit review will give you the full insight into this debt recovery company with so many complaints.

Hundreds of Australians have read this to make an informed decision.

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If you’re reading this, you likely fall into 2 categories…

  1. You have a debt, and Pioneer Credit is calling you
  2. You have multiple debts, and want to consolidate through Pioneer

Who is Pioneer Credit?

We’ll give you the right answer here. We’ll even show you a good solution on how to deal with them.

They are a debt collection agency. They also provide debt consolidation services.

You’ve probably had a debt in the past. From the bank, another financial institution, a utility company or a telecom company.

That company in the past has tried several times to contact you and has failed. Now they’ve passed the debt on to Pioneer Credit. Commonwealth Bank is a popular one that passes its debts onwards.

Pioneer Credit won’t give up several times, especially if you’ve got a default notice. They’ll be relentless. They’ll call you non-stop.

In fact, they’ve probably been calling you, and now you’ve found us here on Google. You want a solution, and we have it right here.

How can I report Pioneer Credit on complaints of harassment?

You can report complaints to the Credit Ombudsman. But it’s almost pointless. I mean, really quite pointless.

Chances are, Pioneer Credit is working within the confines of the law. They’re not breaking any laws by contact you several times per day.

You’ve got a debt – and they want you to pay it. They don’t get paid unless you pay. They might even start door knocking soon….

Sometimes you’ll read other negative reviews of Pioneer Credit and think for a moment that what they’re doing is illegal. It isn’t actually.

Pioneer Credit is chasing you – the harsh reality!

How does Pioneer Credit contact my friends and family?

That’s super easy. When they got your debt from the last company, they looked up your name on Facebook, Instagram and other sites.

They looked at your friend’s list, they looked at the people you interacted with recently within status updates. They looked at your photos.

They’ve decided that, based on the information they’ve seen, that you would be able to pay back the debt. They haven’t done anything illegal here, as social media is a public space.

Now, if you’re not in contact with Pioneer soon for a resolution, they’ll contact your friends and family. They’ll tell them about your debts, in a bid to make you contact them for repayments.

It’s totally embarrassing. Luckily, we can STOP all of that today! Our recommended service makes them stop. Period.

Is Pioneer Credit Consolidation any good?

Yes and no. There are sometimes better services out there than Pioneer Credit Connect. These guys are masters in debt recovery and collections.

So there are times that they want a good deal for themselves, not for you when it comes to debt recovery. But then there are other times where they will give you a deal that’s very much in your favour. The best is when both parties get a good deal.

So when looking at any consolidation company, look at their reputation and what their focal point is. If it’s to help you get a better deal, then go for them.

A debt recovery company wouldn’t be our 1st choice for consolidation needs, as it’s not their focus.

Should I ignore these guys?

No – definitely NOT. Even if you disagree with the debt, you simply cannot ignore what is happening.

Court action, repossession, embarrassment, constant threats and red marks on your credit history are very likely.

And you know; often the debt owed is just a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Not much really. You can really negotiate with them as Pioneer Credit will almost always agree to a payment plan.

As as we’re concerned, you have 2 very good choices…

  1. Call them directly and work out payment terms. Typically the best option to stop phone calls and letters.
  2. Use our 100% FREE service that will get you a better deal in your favour. Recommend for debts above $7,000.

That’s simply it. You can choose from either of the 2 options noted.

Both are going to create outcomes better than the one you’re currently in.

Thousands of Australians have taken option #2 and are glad they did!

Who’s the FREE phone call for?

It will suit most people reading this, especially if you live in Australia.

Those with debts and current recovery action from Pioneer will benefit greatly. You’ll be able to sleep better at night.

In fact, we decided to list a bunch of advantages…

  • Pioneer will stop calling you (Phew!)
  • They’ll talk to Pioneer on your behalf
  • You’ll likely get a much better repayment deal
  • It’s a super easy process, and almost everyone can do it
  • It’s suited for Australians aged between 21 and 65 who have debt
  • They’ll make sure Pioneer Credit stops talking to your friends & family

Best of all – you’ll simply be better off. You can do away with the stress, and start the journey towards a better financial position.

The perfect day is….when Pioneer Credit stops calling!

The complete truth

The debt is here. It belongs to you.

The first step towards the perfect day is owning up.

The second step is making a phone call, either with us or them.

The third step is working through their easy process towards a great resolution for everyone.

We like this approach because…

  • It’s easy (Simply call up with your basic debt details)
  • It’s effective (You can potentially stop Pioneer Calls today)
  • You’ll get a great deal (No more increasing the debt amount)
  • You’ll get a fast response (Talk to a real Australian, not a robot)
  • The process is easy and effective (We promise!)
  • The phone team is happy and friendly
  • They’ll understand your story and struggles
  • They’ll create a solution that’s ideal for your situation

You’ll get a good outcome with Pioneer Credit if you simply get in touch with them. We also offer free service.

Getting started

We know that this FREE service isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s only for these particular people…

  • Those who have a genuine debt owed
  • Australians aged between 21 and 65
  • People who are willing to start this journey today
  • Individuals who want the phone to stop ringing NOW!

If that’s you, then please use our recommended service. A quick and easy phone call will help provide you with some tips and strategies. There’s no obligation to proceed after that.

Getting out of debt – it begins today…

We hope this overview of the debt collectors at Pioneer Credit has given you some real insight. That you’ll be able to start on the road to recovery, beginning today as thousands of Australians have.

You’re owed a fresh start in life. Let us help you today.

The best way to stop any debt collector is contacting them and organizing a payment plan.

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