Nustart Finance Review: Serious WARNING about Payday Lending

We’re here to warn you AGAINST taking out that seemly attractive payday loan with Nustart Finance or any of these payday lenders. It’s expensive!

There are so few reviews of Nustart Finance out there online about this payday lending provider that sounds awfully like Newstart (Centrelink). Weird!

But that aside, we’re going to throw over our warning towards all payday lending providers. This is because we believe that you can easily live without them.

Nustart Finance Review

We’re going to review Nustart Finance which sounds like Newstart Finance which is another company in Australia doing car loans.

It’s a bit strange that it sounds just like Centrelink, but it isn’t. This is a private company in Australia who dishes out payday loans to the unfortunate.

Nustart Finance

And to be honest, we’re all AGAINST it. It’s just not fair. ?

Here at The Debt Free Community, we preach a debt-free lifestyle.

But at the same time, we know that it’s not always possible right now.

So we’ll advocate that sliding further into debt is a terrible idea.

Because you could do so much better in this day and age.

The aim should be reducing your debt, not adding more.

You don’t want to be up to your eyeballs in debt, do you?

It’s simply NOT a good way to live, but that’s now Nustart Finance wants it.

Is this you?

For a while, you have been doing alright. Like..not fantastic or great, but just alright. You’ve just kept up with your financial obligations like fuel, bills and groceries.

But things then started to get a little behind. Like you’re overdue on repayments.

So then you thought it would be a great idea to get a payday loan. You know – to tie you over until your next payment comes through into your bank account.

Loan Rejection Australia

Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are limited. This is because payday lending is just a terrible idea in most instances unless it’s an absolute emergency.

Taking out Nustart Finance sounds good on paper, but here’s the problem:

  1. You will be hit with high loan interest. 30% is quite common actually.
  2. If you miss repayments, you should expect some very high loan fees.
  3. There is no support from the government. They can’t bail you out.
  4. It gets you on the constant debt treadmill which is hard to escape from.

Unfortunately, many Australians become victims of payday loans.

What they don’t realize is that there are so many good options now available.

Payday lending alternatives

Before you submit that paperwork that they requested, consider the following:

You’re likely to get into deeper water with a payday loan. It’s simply crippling!

If you’ve ever heard of loan sharks, then it’s this. Nustart are just one of many.

They prey on people’s tough times and dire straits. You are their profit-maker.

Instead, you can:

  1. Get yourself another job or a part-time job on weekends.
  2. Sell your unwanted stuff. eBay and Gumtree for instance.
  3. Consider speaking to our friendly team to help you out.
  4. Start learning about personal finances from Scott Pape.

These alternatives are so much healthier financially, unlike the 30% interest you were able to sign yourself up to.

And that’s the crazy part! So few people know just what they’re enrolling with when it comes to payday lending.

We wish that financial literacy was actually offered in the Australian classrooms.

This would stop so many people from sliding back into the deep, dark hole.

In summary

We would recommend that you avoid all payday lending services.

Because while it all seems too easy “Cash today”, it’s short term gains.

You’ll be stuck paying off that loan with high interest and fees for ages.

The good news is that you’ve already made the first step in the journey.

You’re here because you wanted to discover the truth for your future.

Getting out of debt isn’t easy, but it’s possible. It just takes an open mind.

If you’re ready, consider getting in touch for some assistance right now.

Since our recommended team can talk to debt collectors on your behalf.

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