Money3 Loans Review: Are They Worth It?

We’ve seen Money3 pay day lending shops appearing all across Australia but if you read the reviews, they’re less than ideal. So should you proceed?

The Debt Free Community isn’t really a fan of the short term lending market. In fact, we’re advocates of living 100% debt free for life!

Now, at the same time, it’s not always possible, is it?

Are you looking for a Money3 loan or being chased by one of their debt collectors? If so, we have the answers for you in this review and evaluation!

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Money3 evaluation

These guys are based all across Australia. Money3 actually has branches in these key areas:

  • Traralgon VIC
  • Cairns QLD
  • Ipswich QLD
  • Salisbury SA
  • Logan Central QLD
  • Frankston VIC
  • Southport QLD
  • Rockhampton QLD
  • Wynnum QLD
  • Campbelltown NSW
  • Mackay QLD
  • Morayfield QLD
  • Wyong NSW
  • Ballarat VIC
  • Bendigo VIC
  • Goodna QLD
  • Liverpool NSW
  • St Albans VIC
  • Parramatta NSW
  • Shepparton VIC
  • Dandenong VIC
  • Hurstville NSW
  • Albury VIC
  • Mount Druitt NSW

They currently specialize in short-term funding for people who need payday loans. You know – you’re a bit short on cash this week and need some dollars to tie you over.

Money3 Australia

Unfortunately, the interest fees with Money3 are quite high. Sometimes as high as 30%. It all depends on your personal situation and employment history, including current income.

We would recommend you shop around, but these guys with their national presence show that they’re committed to some good customer service. This is despite the numerous Money3 reviews which are quite negative online. Avoid anyone who claims that they’re guaranteed to get you a finance approval because it just won’t happen.

All in all, a legitimate Australian company that’s serving people who are in need of some quick finance…even today! We’re all doing it tough here in the economy, after all.

How long does it take for Money3 approval?

Sometimes it can be the same day approval with money deposited into your bank account. Money3’s success rate for loans really depends on your current employment situation and credit history. Some people have reported to wait up to 7 days!

Loan and finance Australia

Can I get finance without a job?

In most cases, probably not. There are some instances where financers might provide you with finance despite your 100% reliance on Centrelink, but this isn’t common. Besides, the loan amounts are typically small and with high interest too, including a large loan application fee.

What can you do to help?

If you’re struggling with debt, then The Debt Free Community is the ultimate resource for you! We’re committed to helping thousands of Australians through these difficult times.

How we work is that we’re a marketing company with a fantastic partnership with a great debt mediation service. They provide FREE initial phone advice so you can get a sense of you can get a saving grace on your current financial situation.

It can be overwhelming to be called and messaged daily by debt collectors. So much so that you might develop a lot of anxiety and not want to talk to them yourself. So…we can talk to them for you and make those phone calls stopping today!

Next steps

If you’re looking for a Pay Day Loan, consider if you even need it. Can you get a part-time job? That’s often an option available to many people.

But we understand that life can be tough, so it’s good that Money3 are there for people who need it most. There are occasional instances where they can help you get by.

You’ll need to have all your paperwork in order and identification before going into an office across Australia. Current employment is preferred as well.

While their reviews on Money3 aren’t so good, it’s clear that this company does help people in dire straits.

And if you happen to require some help today, get in touch with us too.

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