Dealing with illegal Debt Collectors in Australia

If you think that you’re dealing with a one of Australia’s illegal debt collectors, then we can STOP them! Read this guide to see if what they’re doing is considered wrong.

Here at The Debt Free Community, we’re simply passionate about helping everyday folk get out of debt. The debt-free lifestyle is being enjoyed by more and more people everyday across Australia.

Debt collectors and illegal behavior

There’s things that they can and can’t do. Our laws are pretty well tough nowadays to protect consumers. That said, there’s certain traps that people do fall into.

illegal Debt Collectors in Australia
Australians need help dealing with illegal debt collectors

Fact: Debt collectors don’t care much about you. They just want your MONEY! And they’ll get it….one way or another.

It’s important that we examine the behavior characteristics of what constitutes illegal and legal debt recovery.

What they can do (Legal behavior)

They’re allowed to communicate with you. It needs to be reasonable and for things that are necessary.

Some examples include:

  • Giving correct information about you and your debt
  • Ask for payment in a demanding tone (Yes, they can do this!)
  • Explain the consequences if you don’t pay up to them
  • Arrange a payment plan or settlement proposal
  • Do an investigation and find out where you live and work
  • Scan through your Facebook and Instagram photos
  • Look for, inspect and take your car if they want, if it’s connected with the debt

Scary thoughts! They’re really smart people. They’ve got some serious money. They’ll find you, and make you pay up!

But…we can stop them! Ask us how.

What they can’t do (Illegal behavior)

There’s things that you can ping them for. That is…you could even take them to court, including:

  • If they use physical force or coercion to you or your family
  • Hassle you for an unreasonable extent of time
  • Deceive or mislead you in any way possible
  • Act unfairly to vulnerable people such as the disabled

What you need to do

We know…life is unfair. You’ve pretty much hit rock bottom. It’s really tough for you right now.

The debt isn’t going away. The debt collectors will continue to chase you. They will catch up to you very soon…they know all the tricks in the book! But don’t let that happen to you, because we can stop it today!

The truth about illegal debt collectors

Very few illegal debt collectors are present in Australia. The industry was shaken up years ago, so now they have to operate within the law or face big fines.

But it doesn’t stop them from constantly hassling you. They’re not going to magically go away…because they want your money!!!

If you’re over the constant phone calls, nasty letters and emails, then let us step in. We can handle it all for you. You’ll be sleeping better tonight.

Illegal debt collectors are really a thing of the past. But what hasn’t changed is their willingness to chase your money. They’re now smarter than ever before. The chances of you escaping are slim to none. But we can put a stop to it!

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