Heavy Australian Debt and Moving Overseas? Don’t Do It.

The laptop lifestyle has made it possible for more and more people today to jet off to a new life overseas for a fresh start while being debt free. That said, you won’t necessarily be able to automatically wipe your slate clean.

You’ve got some debt, and with that comes responsibility. Our advice? Don’t run to avoid it. We can help. No nasty surprises when you return back to Australia.

Going overseas with debt

It’s a normal part of life today to have some debt. We get it! But we’re advocates of going debt free, hence our name ‘The Debt Free Community’ – a resource for all Australians.

Debt collectors: They will track you, and they will find you eventually

There’s some debts you might have, including credit cards, personal loans, home and car loans. Even tax debt, unpaid fines and electricity bills are financial obligations.

They need to be paid, or be sorted out by someone so you don’t have to talk to debt collectors yourself. We can help you so you don’t have to talk to those harassing debt collectors.

Traveling with debt: Can you do it?

Short answer: Absolutely YES you can. You can even move overseas. This doesn’t mean you can just stop paying.

Why? Worldwide tracking. They can find you, and some debt collectors now have international offices. Moreso, they’re super good at finding your friends and family through social media. They can hassle them so it embarrasses you.

There are documented cases of Australians being barred from traveling overseas because they have debt. This is the case with those with unpaid child support bills, or former welfare recipients who have unpaid debt. Technically they’re not allowed to leave our country, and are likely to be refused boarding at the airport.

Expensive lesson right there!

Note: If you are traveling, simply advise your bank. Just so they don’t cancel your card for suspicious activity on your account.

Leaving your debt behind

Nope, don’t do it. You might think that, as you’re now living in another country, that you can simply avoid the Australian authorities and responsibilities.

What if you want or need to come back to Australia? It’s going to be awkward at the Immigration counter.

Your problems could start the moment you land back in Australia!

Even those with a basic HELP debt simply cannot outrun the Australian government by moving overseas. This is also the case with other governments around the world now.

They’re all working together to recoup their debts from university students. It’s getting so much easier to find people.

Real Consequences

There’s some big and serious concerns that we have for those that want to outrun their debt by simply running off to another country. Look – we get it. It’s the easy approach. But it’s NOT the best approach for the long term.

Here’s what could happen:

  • You’ll have to deal with debt collectors for months or years
  • Depending on the size of debt, some will fly over to find you
  • Legal action can commence the moment you return home
  • You could be arrested and have your passport seized (That sucks…)
  • Your credit report is going to be tarnished big time

Consider that if you want to come home for Christmas, that you might not be able to. At least, not without some tap on the shoulder at the Immigration counter. Too risky I say!

The real solution

If you’re in debt, and you want to run – we would say STOP! It’s not the solution. We can help.

If you’re being chased by debt collectors, and you’re looking for a fresh start and clean slate, then let us help you. Our solution simply works, as it has worked for thousands of people Australia wide.

You don’t have to leave the country. In fact, to be safe, you shouldn’t leave the country until this is all sorted. We can make it 100% safe for you, and then you can jet set around the planet without fear, and enjoy your new life.

Our recommended service can very likely reduce your interest payments, or help create a more flexible solution for you. Even change the schedule so it suits your situation better.

No more threatening letters, text messages or phone calls.

We can sort it out. We’re happy to sort it out.

Let us help you today. We’re ready and waiting!

Drop us a line here: https://thedebtfreecommunity.com.au/contact-us/

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