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Are You Tired of Having This Annoying Problem?

  • ​You’re working tirelessly, every single working day, trying to make ends meet for you and your family.
  • ​The bills keep stacking up, as does the loan repayments, ​your taxes and your stress levels.
  • ​Soon enough the debt collectors start calling for their repayments and threaten you with a tough stance. You just don’t know how to approach this situation.

Hi, ​We’re The Debt Free Community. ​We’re here to help you through this mess.

​We Have One Job: ​​To help you to ​Win This!

​You see everyone else getting by very easily with a nice house, a nice car, nice holidays and stable income. ​For you though, you’re just having a tough time right now with the Australian economy​.

If you ​put in more work then you too can enjoy a great lifestyle in the sun. And that’s a good thing: it gives you the opportunity to ​really prove yourself in the world​ and knock out these debts once and for all.

​Yet no one ​has the energy to put in more work! If that’s something you’re worried about​, keep in mind that ​you’re not alone in making that decision, and the more likely ​you are to qualify for some help right now. Your most valuable ​asset is your willingness to be open to opportunities.

By the way: ​we’ve already helped thousands of ​Australians just like you ​to get through this mess.

​The “​Great Australian Dream” now feels like a million miles away.

Some ​Australians become ​owners and others will just be ​renters. ​And yet those who own their own home will ​often struggle with those mortgage payments. That is for 30 years, until they ​they’ve fully paid it off.

Keep in mind: ​Australian banks are progressively making ​all debt repayments harder and harder.

What you’re reading right now ​is our take on how the entire system has been setup for you to struggle consistently. ​The system, by design, is absolutely broken and ​”they” want you to believe it’s your fault. ​​Most of your valuable hard work and dollars has gone into the pockets of those who you’ve borrowed from​ previously.

Don’t ​Struggle: ​We Know The ​Perfect Solution

​Very few Australians right now are aware of this powerful opportunity that could, quite literally, reduce what you owe to the greedy banks. ​And that is one that’s available to you, our friend​, if you’re prepared to put in your application. Because this ​could very well be the solid solution to your problems.

​The 2 Simple ​Rules ​of life: ​Work Hard ​& Pay the Banks!

Remember that ​since you were a child, the perpetual notion of working hard and paying the banks has been the catch-cry of the “Great Australian Dream” but has since left many people disappointed. ​

Instead, ​the banks just make a fortune siphoning off from your weekly pay. ​How does that make you feel? ​Frustrating, right? ​And our experience has very much been the same. ​The banks don’t quite care about us.

Trying to ​pay off your debts faster sounds good, but – not only ​will you struggle even more week-by-week, but you’ll simply make more profits for the big, greedy and powerful ​Aussie banks. ​

Also remember that ​the big banks lend to all the smaller financial institutions, so one way or another, you are supporting the big banks who have the monopoly. Maybe you ​took our a credit card, personal loan or have overdue council rates. That’s tough! Maybe you ​thought you could pay it off over time, but now you’re really struggling. With ​the right strategy and the right opportunity, you can easily ​knock this off.

Using ​Strategies to Win This Game

Below is an example of ​how we can address these problems and it’s backed by experience. This can assist in your ​destruction of debt (although only if you are genuinely serious about getting actionable results).

​You get in touch with us today for quick chat on the phone.

​We tell your debt collectors to stop calling you immediately.

​Through innovation, a plan is created to knock this all off.

​Make Your ​New Start by Using ​Personal Responsibility

  • ​You’ve realized you have a problem. What are ​your current debt problems? By knowing these problems upfront, it’s easier to build a solution.
  • ​You’ll Create your list of what you’re trying to achieve. You can think of ​the lifestyle you’re trying to live and financial goals​. These things that are fun to explore.
  • Once you’ve built the list, you’ll want the solution.That’s the result you should aim for with your new start. Once your really understand the changes you’re seeking in your financial life, you will truly understand the value of taking action today.

​We ​Are ​The Solution ​To Your Suffering…

You’ve ​realized that we can help you. You’ve ​seen that The Debt Free Community is Australia’s #1 debt help solution team. You relate to us and you know we’re the real deal. Now it’s time to start ​actually taking some action.

Keep one thing in mind: ​you need to raise your hand. At first, ​you might be hesitant about this new journey together. ​Like that inner voice inside your head asking: Why do all this? Because if you choose this new debt-free journey and set it up right, you will be the opposite of the ​challenging and hard times we all despise​. Instead of working hard until you’re 65, ​you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

​Because ​This ​Is ​One ​We Take Together

​Merely some emails between us isn’t what we’re looking to achieve. ​We want to genuinely help you and we’ll listen attentively to your stories and struggles in the current economic climate.

Ever notice how ​successful people always had someone helping them? That’s because ​they work together in teams and do the journey in partnership.

Similarly, you ​now have the opportunity ​to start an exciting new journey​​ with the friendly and helpful team right here at The Debt Free Community. ​We genuinely want to help you with these big challenges.

This is Where the ​Real Opportunities happen


Now it’s time to ​really get started with the perfect solution to everything you’ve​ read about so far.

While we were ​ready to genuine help you, it’s now time ​for you to take action. ​We want this to be the best and most helpful experience you’ve ever had over the phone. At this point, after all ​that we’ve covered, ​we’ll make this as easy as possible.

  1. 1​​Trust us to help you: ​You know by now that we’re genuinely here to help you.
  2. 2​​​Leave us your details: ​We’ll get our recommended and local team to get in touch with you real soon.
  3. 3​Wait for our call: ​For every ​hard-done Australian we talk to, we try to ​make our approach as personal as possible.

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

“​I was really struggling week to week with my debts.”

“​The Debt Free Community helped me to stop the debt collectors from hassling me and I was able to get on with my life. I wasn’t sure about this at first, but it’s certainly paid off.

​Do what many others have done already. There’s safety in numbers. ​This site has already helped thousands of Australians to get there way out of debt and on to a new path.”

Shane Melaugh
– ​Parramatta, NSW

“Here’s what the perfect ​lifestyle looks like…”

“The perfect ​lifestyle is when I can wake up in the morning and know that I have enough in the bank account for the next few months if something goes wrong. Thank god!

I didn’t want to get rich. As a single mum, just some regular income and having no debts was the solution. By using these guys, I was able to get us all back on track financially”

Samantha Allen
– ​​Helensvale, QLD

“Can you ever have too ​grateful for an opportunity?”

“​To ask that in another way: can you have too ​much appreciation for people?

The answer is: you can, ​if they kind, helpful and actually deliver you solid results. If ​they approach you with respect and don’t judge you for your mi​stakes, then I believe they are a great bunch of people​.​It’s taken me a lifetime to find people I could trust, and I found it with these guys.

​Robert Donaldson
– ​Ballarat, VIC

​Let’s Get You Started On A New Phase In Life

​Enter in your details and the team will be in touch very soon.

A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real ​Australians

“​We did it for our kids because they deserve a better future!”

“​Our kids were really the motivation to pull the trigger and do something right ​for our lives. Now that we’ve ​been through the process, we can help reassure them that everything in our financial lives will be OK.”We like to do what many others have done already here. ​With the number of people who have used this site to do their research, it’s evidence that this works.

​Richard and Emily Loveshaw
– ​Glenelg, SA

“​You’ll never know unless you actually try…”

“​Do you know someone’s who been shown the perfect opportunity but held back? Well, I was that person and for 4 months, I didn’t do anything but keep checking this website.


When the debt collectors finally came to my door, my god it was almost too late. You never know how much ​this community can help you until you actually try it out.

​Rebecca Smith
– ​Winnielie, WA
​Kate McIsaac

Creator of

The Debt Free Community

About The Debt Free Community

When ​dealing with debt collectors, it’s easy to ​think that you have no power. ​And that’s true, you have no power unless a community-driven group of people can represent you.

​We built The Debt Free Community to help you with the challenges of navigating this complex system. As a purpose-driven community, we’re always eager to help everyday Australians to get back on track.

It’s Time to Start Addressing ​Your Real ​Problems

After the first call ​from a debt collector, it’s often a case of things going really downhill for most people. Knowing ​that these guys are ruthless is very important… and you ​could be visited by them at home at any time, even with you have friends and family over. ​We would love the chance to communicate with you and you’ll quickly learn what’s on ​offer so you can stop them from calling you or sending out letters.

This part of the ​process is something that we love to do because no one deserves to be harassed or belittled over the phone or sent nasty messages. ​Let The Debt Free Community sort this out for you today.

​We Can Deal With Every Major ​Debt Collector in Australia

People are ​being hassled with debt collectors every day across Australia. We dread ​hearing about the horror stories of people having to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with this. ​One of the most important things you must​ know is that we can deal with every major debt collector within every city across Australia.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

​To be fair, let’s look at what you can gain. ​We’ll compare the ​upsides to the downsides.

The Pros List

  • ​You’ll get to speak to a friendly team.
  • ​There is no obligation to move forward.
  • ​We can make the debt collectors stop ringing once we get your permission.
  • ​The service doesn’t cost you anything upfront
  • ​Many Australians have already done this

The Cons List

  • ​You are going to need to chat to us on the phone for 10 minutes.
  • ​You’ll need a debt of at least $7,000.
  • ​You’ll need some form of income.
  • ​Debt collectors need to be chasing you.
  • ​You’ll need to help us with organizing some basic paperwork

​Let’s Get You Started On A New Phase In Life

​Enter in your details and the team will be in touch very soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why ​do you help Australians like this?

​Because when we were being chased by debt collectors, we didn’t know where to turn. We hoped that there was a service that could help us too.

How about ​my spouses debt?

​Sure! We’re happy to help them too. Simply get in touch with us today to get started.

​So what happens to the debt collectors?

​They will stop calling you or sending letters if we’re able to work with you 1-on-1 after the initial phone call. We’ll make a plan and then talk to them so you don’t have to.

What ​guarantees do I have that this works?

​Things only work if you take action and make an enquiry. From there, we can discuss if you’re a suitable candidate for this opportunity.

​But I’ve tried talking to debt collectors already. They won’t listen!

There are​ many people who have tried talking to debt collectors but nothing gets through to their ears. Because we have the power, we’re able to talk to them and tell them exactly how the situation is.

​So what debts do you deal with?

​We deal with all types of debt. Car loans, personal loans and credit cards are our favourite. We can reduce the amount you owe and your monthly repayments too.

P.S.: ​We’re working with a high number of people right now and there are ​3 spots left for this week’s call volume. ​If you’re genuinely serious and committed to having this problem sorted, then get in touch with us by leaving your details right away so you don’t miss out.​​We can’t promise anything, but we can promise that it’s very challenging if you continue on the same path that you’ve been taking. So few Australians know about these new opportunities available for those open to the idea of reducing or eliminating their debts.

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