Debt Rescue Australia: Are They Any Good?

You might be considering the services of Debt Rescue Australia. Are they worth it? We decided to put this debt reduction company to the test!

Using debt consolidation services are often a really good idea actually. In fact, we do praise these companies here at The Debt-Free Community.

How they work is that they often sort out complex financial challenges for people. Let’s say debt collectors are calling you – they can sort it out!

Debt relief is a growing industry in Australia and doesn’t have the dodgy stigma attached to it like the payday lending market. That is – you’re probably going to get a great deal at the end of the day.

We decided to dig deeper and have an inside look at this company.

Debt Rescue Australia Review

We’ve researched some of these debt consolidation services here in Australia in the last few months in order to protect consumers. Today we’ll be sharing the truth of our findings on this company.

After all, we created The Debt-Free Community as a totally free resource. In addition to our advice on how to live the debt-free lifestyle, we created this so that we can independently investigate financial and lending products on the market for those challenged by debt.

Debt Rescue Australia Review

It’s these everyday Australians that deserve a fresh chance. Life has been tough on you, hasn’t it? These last few months probably didn’t go so well as you had planned. ?

You’ve recently come across the services of Debt Rescue Australia based in Noosa Heads and now you gotta do some research. You want to know if they’re legit, right?

The good news is that there are hundreds of Debt Rescue Reviews online. We found plenty through our investigation.

Let’s look at some comments here:

Debt Rescue customer testimonial

That’s the popular Trustpilot website. Also, we’ve got Google itself:

A user review of Debt Rescue

Then you’ll find plenty of reviews on their own Facebook page!

One thing is for sure: This is a company that cares about real results for their clients.

Results that include:

  • Debt consolidation so you’re paying less each month
  • Talking to your debt collectors so you don’t have to
  • Stopping letters and phone calls plus the harassment!
  • Leaving your worries of debt to someone else (them)

And that to us are the results you should be aiming for.

No more pretending “I’ll be OK next month” when you know you won’t be. There are more bills coming, aren’t there? It just keeps stacking up and we don’t want things to get worse for you.

After all, we totally do not recommend payday loans. These loans come with high-interest rates. On the flip side, you should expect much better deals with Debt Rescue or any of these companies really.

Our experience with Debt Rescue

We decided to do a dummy-test ourselves. Reading online reviews weren’t enough. In fact, we would recommend that you do the same to vet that this company is genuine.

Here’s what we did: We called on a Tuesday morning with a bunch of questions. We made up a story that we owed money and were being hassled by debt collectors. Of course, they believed us. ?

All up we were on the phone for 45 minutes asking all sorts of questions. The person who answered was young and very well mannered, but certainly knew their stuff! ?

We were pretty happy with our experiences

We were given:

  1. An outline of what options are available to us based on the basic questions they asked
  2. Potential options that we can get started with to get our situation sorted
  3. We were also told they will talk to debt collectors and stop them hassling us all day and night

We really liked that actually. In fact, you’ll probably like that too. No more frustrating calls or strongly worded letters of demand. In other words, if you use them, then debt collectors can be silenced by Debt Rescue. ?

After the phone call, we were sent an information pack. The staff weren’t pushy and were actually really helpful, so the team here at The Debt-Free Community were impressed! We were given a direct line to the staff member who helped us which was really nice.

Things we like

Now after that call we checked out their website while waiting for the information pack. It’s clear that this company is well experienced in helping everyday Australians get out of debt.

By now they have our tick of approval, but we wanted to see more.

What we really liked is:

  1. Their range of solutions. They’re not cornered with 1 or 2 offerings but have an entire suite so you can find a solution that suits your needs. This way you can get the best-personalized offering, as opposed to one-size-fits-all.
  2. Very active blog. We’ve been on other websites where these such companies just haven’t updated anything for years. When writing this review of Debt Rescue, we noted a blog post was published literally the day prior!
  3. Their FAQs are also quite extensive. You’ve probably got 101 questions like we did when we went on the call. Your answers can probably be found in their knowledge base. We would’ve done that ourselves, but we wanted to test their own staff knowledge of the industry and they were flawless!
  4. Their Debtstroyer Agreement is a unique product offering. In fact, there are 5 different types of agreements that they can create where you can reach a settlement formally with your debt collectors. Neat!

Are we in love with their offering? Yep – they’re clearly one of the best in Australia and eagerly help Australians get out of debt.

But wait, not everyone is happy…

Common criticism

Ever heard the old saying “You can’t impress everyone”? – The same is true in the debt reduction industry.

While you’ve seen the many positive Debt Rescue Australia reviews, not everyone is happy with their services. Guess what? It doesn’t matter what you do for these people, they just won’t be happy. Grumpy Gary is on a crusade against…anyone.

In all seriousness, Debt Rescue can’t be all things to all people. Some people just aren’t in a position to benefit from these services on offer. This is why they do the phone call upfront so they can validate if you’d be a great fit and can actually have a benefit from their services (of which there is plenty!)

We decided to look at the 1 and 2-star reviews of Debt Rescue and we spotted a common rhythm. These people didn’t really experience this company fully. Instead, they just were rejected because their lack of income or small debt (Less than $5,000) and Debt Rescue had to politely decline them.

It’s sad really when this company does the absolute best that they can, yet people still want to knock ’em. It’s clear from our experience, the experience of customers and their website that they strive for excellence.

Wanna know the best way to see if they’re any good? Get on the phone with them and test their knowledge. Even get in touch with them via online chat, as they’re one of the few Australian companies that have online chat via their website.

Who they work with

Let’s jump on to a lighter note here. It’s clear that this company seeks results for their clients. The Debt-Free Community independently researched and investigated this company for its accuracy.

In fact, we found some recent footage:

This is further evidence that they’ve definitely been in business for a long time. They’re not an overnight sensation like a lot of these companies. The payday market is notorious for this but only good companies like Debt Rescue last a long time.

Why? Because they do their very best to treat people properly during these difficult and sentitive times.

Ideally, they are looking for the following people:

  • Those who are employed. This can be part-time, full-time or self-employed. In other words, you need regular income.
  • You have a debt that’s greater than $10,000. That overdue phone bill is something you can probably handle yourself with a payment plan.
  • You’re the type that actually wants to follow through. These guys are doing the best they can to find a resolution for you to stop you from the constant challenges you’re facing. Get your documentation in order and follow through when they send you emails.

Even if you aren’t employed right now, they might be able to help still. This is especially true when you own your own house. The best way is to give them a call on 1800 560 572 to ascertain if they’re a good fit for you, and likewise, if you’re the right client for them.

We find with these services that it’s a two-way street. Often you won’t even pay them anything either upfront, so look at it as a free service during that initial discovery call. Feel free to get in touch with us as well.

In summary

Would we recommend Debt Rescue Australia? Absolutely. We’re a community-driven website that aims to check if these companies are actually legit, among other things.

We’ve seen that this company has been around for several years and serves all of Australia. They work endlessly to help those who are doing it tough right now.

They very well could be the starting point of a new journey for you. A chance for you to begin fresh and on the right track towards a debt-free lifestyle.

We’re clearly passionate about debt-free living. It isn’t easy nor is it fast, but you gotta start somewhere, so we would certainly recommend Debt Rescue for positive solutions during challenging times. They could be exactly what you need right now, regardless of where you live in Australia.

Check ’em out:

We hope you too can benefit from their services and get started on the road to recovery. The debt-free lifestyle is a great one and feel free to reach out to us too if you need more information. ?

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