Debt Fix Review: Are They Worth It?

Australia has numerous offers for debt consolidation and Debt Fix seems ideal, but are they any good? We have a real experience to share.

We created The Debt-Free Community as a means to help people get out of debt. Our intention of this website is to provide you with tips and advice while at the same time investigating companies providing such services.

Straight up – we’re totally against payday loans. They are the worst of the worst out there and prey on the vulnerable. When we see someone whose aim is to reduce the debt obligations of everyday Australians, we sit up and pay attention.

At the same time, we can be critical. We want to know if Debt Fix and other companies are worth it, so we became a test-dummy.

Here are our experiences.

Debt Fix Review

We started off by researching what we could with the resources we have.

Our first point of call when looking at these debt consolidation companies is company information available on the ABN Lookup website.

Debt Fix Australia Sydney

Oh hello! You’ve been operating since 2005. That’s 15+ years now. ?

We don’t like fly-by-night operators which give the industry a bad name for itself. For this reason, this is an instant big tick in our books.

Then we had a look at Word of Mouth Online, otherwise known as WOMO.

Debt Fix Australia

That is impressive! We have written reviews of other companies like Debt Fix and never have we seen actual 100% feedback like this. Mindblowing!

(I’m being serious here. It’s very hard to get 5/5 ratings on these review sites)

Debt Fix Australia Review

So on the onset, we see two very impressive characteristics:

  1. They’ve been around for a long time. This means they have the experience to sort out even the most complex of financial problems.
  2. The online reviews of Debt Fix show that they go beyond the call of duty for their customers. This reputation has been built over time.

And those are the 2 most important characteristics: How long have they been around for and what are others saying about them? They’ve won on both instances.

Our experiences

We just had to dummy-test them for ourselves over the phone.

Here’s what we did: We created a false story that we were in debt and needed help. We called them several times in order to speak with different staff members.

In total, we spent almost half an hour on the phone each time. We just kept smashing them with questions, often the answers we could have just found ourselves on their website.

That wasn’t the point though, as we wanted to know if their staff actually know their stuff. The result? All of them were very knowledgeable and had been clearly working there for a while.

Instead of just saying “We’ll get you sign up to this loan” on each call we were shown different options that could work for us. This is a very good approach and rare in the industry.

After the phone calls, we were sent information packs to our email address and a summary of what we talked about. They did call us back later to check if we were still interested but their staff weren’t pushy or anything.

It’s clear that they are just looking for the right people to help.

And that’s the thing – they can’t help everyone. This is why, if you see negative reviews of Debt Fix, you should take them with a grain of salt.

Often these are people who just didn’t qualify and thus, didn’t really get to the finish line at all. They just need their 2 minutes of fame with a 1-star review and will then feel better on the inside.

Final verdict

The question is: Are they worth it?

There is a split answer here.

  1. They are worth it if you have regular income and have a decent amount of debt, say $10,000. That’s what was told to us over the phone with them.
  2. They aren’t really worth it if you don’t have any income or if your debts are small, like an overdue electricity bill. That sort of stuff you can sort out yourself with a payment extension.

For most people who do qualify and use their services will find them pleasant to deal with. At least, that was our experience with them.

Would we recommend them? Clearly – YES. They are one of the rare debt reduction and elimination companies in Australia who have been around for the long haul. They’ll be celebrating their 20 year anniversary soon.

Not only that, but the dozens of positive Debt Fix reviews demonstrate that they genuinely care about their customers first and profits last. That’s a big tick in our books.

We also provide a free discovery call should you want to learn more about getting out of debt. ? Hint: We can talk to debt collectors on your behalf!

Regardless of which way you go, this is your 1st step towards the debt-free lifestyle. Congratulations!

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