Debt Collectors Calling: We can block them!

If you’re struggling with debt collectors calling you and hassling you daily, then get in touch with us. We can stop them.

Note: We can’t block them fully, but we’ll block the constant phone calls, nasty letters and text messages. If you want to sleep better tonight, then please get in touch immediately.

Debt collectors will call and sometimes SHOUT at you!

We’re going to outline also what you can do, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision. If they’re demanding, then it’s good to step back, research and evaluate.

Starting off

Now, the first thing is asking some questions. These include:

  • Do you actually owe any debt?
  • Who is the real debt collector?
  • Can they really help you? (Probably not)
  • Are they willing to understand your struggles?

From that, we can consider the following points:

  • Determine if they’re chasing the right person
  • Consider if it’s the correct amount of money
  • Decide if you need legal defense for the debt

It’s a good idea to have a plan in place on how you’ll deal with the debt. That said, debt collectors are well known to be nasty and rude! They really don’t care much.

We can block them from calling you directly through talking to them. It’s likely we’ll get a better deal for you too. You can simply find out more here about what we do for you.

Getting a lawyer involved

If you’re suffering from debt collectors calling you everyday, then consider a lawyer. But at the same time, they’re very expensive! Most won’t be able to help you.

What’s the answer then? Get a community-minded group of people like us involved. We’ll help you with FREE advice over the phone. We can assess your problems and find a workable solution…and stop them calling once and for all!

You may be able to get a lawyer involved if you’ve suffered harassment or bullying from the debt collector. This is unlikely, and commonly the courts have thrown out cases like this, leaving individuals to pay lawyer fees + debt amount + interest rates + court costs. Ouch!

Let’s not go down that path. What we want to do is a path that has a strong likelihood of success. That is…our own support service! It’s available now.

Consider the actual debt

Some debts are small, and some debts are big. Essentially, not all are created equal.

Generally speaking, debt collectors will be calling for those with bigger debts. And they’ll only persevere for those with bigger debts…as that means bigger profits for them! They like this. They like it a lot!

Another thing to consider with the debt is whether they’re actually chasing the right person. Debt collectors are calling thousands of people across Australia everyday, but they’re often using only computer-based information.

They might have the wrong name, or perhaps your identity was previously stolen. If the later is the case, then please get in touch with the Australian Federal Police who can absolutely help you. Also – advise the debt collector if you’re 100% convinced it isn’t your debt.

Get out of jail cards

If you’re looking for a way out of your real debt obligations, then there’s some potential avenues. Here’s some we’ve heard that could work:

  • The debt is more than 6 years old (considered statute barred)
  • You were misled or deceived about the contract documentation
  • They’ve loaned you money whilst you were in hardship
  • There was unfair contract terms in the paperwork you signed

But then again, these excuses are only accepted in extreme cases. Most people won’t qualify to stop the debt collectors. Luckily, we can simply stop them for you…with just a 10 minute phone call to us!

As we mentioned, you could also go to court. We don’t recommend this at all, unless at an absolute last resort and you can actually afford the lawyer.

Generally, if you can’t afford to pay back the debt in full today, then you’ll probably be unlikely to afford the lawyer. This is why lawyers generally don’t work in debt recovery cases.

Debt collectors calling with bullying

If they’re saying nasty things to you, then you may be given some compensation. Australian laws are designed to protect consumers and make debt collectors more honest.

It’s very unlikely, as the courts often side with the debt collectors. Why? Because they record all the phone calls with you…and can play back the recordings in the court room for the judge to listen. So you’ll likely lose the case.

What to do next

The way we see it, you’ve got some options:

  • Simply not pay the debt (bad idea if it’s definitely yours)
  • Do a payment arrangement with them with more interest
  • Go bankrupt which is the WORST POSSIBLE IDEA
  • Ask us to step in and force them to give you the best deal!

We like the last option. It should be the first option in most cases. We genuinely care about you and getting out of this deep hole.

Let’s sort it for you

Yep – we can get involved starting today. Debt collectors don’t care about you and your feelings. We do! We’re here to listen to your story, and we’ll find a solution that works.

You can’t ignore what’s happening. But you can get someone like us to tell the debt collector to stop calling. Start today, so you can sleep better tonight.

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