Debt Collector Harassment: You Can Get Compo!

If you’re looking for compensation as a result of debt collector harassment, then read this. You’re in the right place! They’re nasty and heartless people generally, and they just want your money.

Note: We’re good people, but we’re not lawyers. This page shouldn’t be relied upon for legal advice. We just want to share some advice we’ve heard along the way.

Here at The Debt Free Community, we’ve helped thousands of people through sending them to our recommended service. We understand your pain, and we know it’s tough.

People who qualify

There’s people who qualify, and people who don’t qualify for compo. You may be able to receive compensation through the Australian Financial Complaints Authority if you’ve experienced some things.

These include:

  • Financial losses. These can be expenses you’ve paid due to their own misconduct
  • Non-financial losses. Commonly seen by the courts as humiliation, inconvenience or stress to the individual.

The later is more common. People feel threatened and afraid of debt collectors. There’s a real fear of answering the telephone or opening letters from the mail box. You simply don’t know if you’re going to be attacked again.

Fact: They don’t really care about you. You’re really the victim, but they think it’s all your fault. They don’t know how hard it is. Life is tough for you, yet they don’t understand the real problems. You want to pay back but can’t right now.

We understand your pain. We’re friends, and we can help you! We’ll even speak to them so you don’t have to ever again.

Sending out a letter

The first thing you’ll want to do is organize a letter. Now, it can’t just be any type of letter. It needs to be specific!

Here’s the steps:

  • Write up the letter addressing the issues they’ve caused
  • Sign the letter with your name, date and address
  • Send the letter off to them (They probably won’t read it)
  • Lodge your complaint with the AFCA outlining your reasons

Often these things are ignored anyway. It’s not a case of free money for you. The world doesn’t work that way.

Here’s the thing: They want your money, and not the other way around. You’re unlikely to get money out of them simply because they called you a few times this month. It has to be real (and recorded) abuse from them.

Debt Collector Harassment: You Can Get Compo!
We can stop those annoying debt collector calls today!

Another fact: Most debt collectors aren’t acting illegally at all. They actually sit within the rules of the law. They know there’s big fines involved, that is, if they are genuinely harass you. They’ll always record their phone calls to take to the court room too.

Tough luck for the little guy like you. They’re a big corporation, and you’ve got little to no money. They can pay for all the lawyers in the world.

Therefore, it’s really hard to get compensation as a result of debt collector harassment. But we know a solution! We can make them STOP calling you today. It’s really easy…and we’re happy to discuss this over the phone.

Defining debt collector harassment

You might be curious as to what real debt collector actually is. Let’s begin with what they can do legally.

In Australia, debt collectors can legally:

  • Call you up to 10 times per month for years on end
  • Knock at your front door and give you paperwork
  • Send you nasty letters stating that you owe them
  • Hassle your friends and family on social media too

The last paragraph is true. They’ll go through your Facebook and Instagram accounts. They’ll find your friends and reach out to them. Debt collectors will find you, as they’ve found thousands of people through social media.

What’s illegal for them in Australia:

  • Physically harming you in any way at all
  • Breaking into your house to take your stuff
  • Calling after 9pm and before 9am any day
  • Saying nasty names to you (personal insults)
  • Getting into your bank account to take money
  • Stalking you anywhere either publicly or privately

There’s actually more. In Australia we’re quite luckily and are afforded some good protection. But they’re still ruthless. They are out to get you…and they will!

We can step in and block them. Trust us and our recommended service. We’ll make sure they NEVER call you again!

The truth about compensation

Most of the time, courts have NOT given out any form of compensation. This means you owe the original debt + have to pay your lawyer now too. Double negative.

Compensation for debt collector harassment isn’t something we recommend going for. It’s too hard and unlikely to be successful. We would recommend someone like us to help protect you.

If you’ve received a personal injury, then consult the services of a personal injury lawyer. Also advise the debt collector that you’re seeking compensation. They’ll take the heat off you, especially if they know they’ll get paid soon.

What to do now

Look – we’ve been very open about this. It’s very unlikely that you’ll get compensation. Years ago debt collectors were super mean and often broke the law. Then the government stepped in and changed it.

Today they’re still super mean and nasty. They don’t like you and just want your money. But we can help! We’ll act as a barrier to stop them annoying you.

We’re advocates for the little guy. We understand your pain, and we’ll do our best to resolve issues. Let us help you, as we’ve already helped thousands of people through our recommended service.

Debt Collector Harassment Compensation Australia
We’re happy to help!

Call us or email us. We’re happy to have a FREE chat. We can provide really solid advice regarding debt collector harassment and your personal situation today.

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