Credit Repair Companies: Refunds and Compensation is Possible!

Did you know that refunds and compensation from credit repair companies is possible under Australia’s laws? Read more as we’ll reveal if you’re eligible.

These options can be both easy or hard, depending on the individual. Note: We’re simply unable on a our website like this to provide you with specific advice. This is general in nature.

Credit Repair Company Refund
Consider a refund from credit repair companies if you’re unhappy

There are certain things you can do, so let’s evaluate them.

Step 1: Raise your concerns with them

You have the right to raise your complaints directly to the credit repair company. This is always the easiest solution, especially as many of them are concerned about reputation management.

You have to options:

  1. Speak with them over the phone and write down everything
  2. Put your concerns in writing, sign it and mail it to them

Generally, they’ll be willing to listen to you. After all, unlike debt collectors, these guys generally care about you and helping you out.

Step 2: Use the Ombudsman schemes

Australia is afforded the luxury of Ombudsman schemes. They have the power to investigate and make a decision that businesses have to adhere to.

Some credit repair companies are members of such schemes, and some aren’t. It’s easier to get a refund or compensation if they are.

Step 3: Complain to the government

Government agencies across Australia do monitor credit repair companies, and often help citizens claim refunds or compensation. If you think a company you’re dealing with is acting unfairly, then you can make a complaint.

There’s several options:

  • Australian Consumer Credit Commission
  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission
  • Your state consumer affairs office

New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland certainly have consumer affairs offices that will receive your complaint. It’s important to note that they won’t necessarily help you personally. But they can help enforce the law so you’re protected.

Refunds and Compensation amount

Generally speaking, the amount you’ll be offered is going to be likely the amount you’ve been paid. They won’t (in most cases) provide compensation for your time or other incidental expenses.

Credit repair refunds are something that Australians are actively looking for. This is because often these companies promise the world, yet deliver an amount so little.

It’s worth complaining if you didn’t get what you were promised. Customers still have the power.

What we can do

If you’re struggling with debt, then we can help. We’ll talk to the debt collectors so you don’t have to.

Consider the following:

  • All the annoying telephone calls cease
  • No more fear of a knock at the front door
  • Complete help from start to finish with us

That’s why so many people have trusted us. Plus, we’re 100% FREE to talk to, so you won’t need a refund. You don’t have to pay us anything, we simply refer you to a great service that we know.

Summary of debt repair companies

Most debt repair companies are really good and it’s rare for them to require offerings of refunds or compensation. Like any industry, however, there’s some bad apples.

We would recommend that you utilize their services. They’re way more helpful than debt collectors. They’ll help you in ways that others won’t.

Consider also your financial objectives. We wouldn’t recommend that you go into debt again if you’ve struggled previously. No point fighting fire with more fire.

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