Clear Cash Loans: Why You Should Not Take Out Payday Loans

So many people get into hot water with payday lenders such as Clear Cash Loans because of the terrible terms and conditions of the product.

There aren’t many reviews on Clear Cash Loans as these guys operate under Credit Corp and their MoneyStart Loan. Does this make them dodgy?

We’ve seen time and time again people getting into issues with short-term finance. Like they think they have a fair shot of paying back a payday loan but it doesn’t work out.

Meanwhile, these lenders are banking millions each year in interest and overdue charges.

Lets’ have a good look here

Clear Cash Loans Review

You might have seen some flashy advertising in the past by other companies. Things like “Instant cash now” Or “We don’t check your credit history!”.

It’s always a bit dodgy looking, isn’t it? Like something is up in the air.

Truth be told, they can’t do this sort of stuff anymore. Instead, they need to be genuine with potential borrowers. They can’t approve of everyone and if you find negative reviews of Clear Cash loans, it’s for this core reason.

Clear Cash Loans Review

Many people have gotten into strife over these deals. The thing is, most borrowers are doing it for the wrong reasons. Things like paying their overdue credit cards or getting up to date with car repayments.

These same people could have just asked their friends and family for a lend.

Can you see now where the issues are? You’re getting a terrible deal while they’re making millions off your misery. Great news for them! Not so much for you.

The Australian debt merry-go-round

Talk about going backwards in life with a payday loan. You’re just not going to make any positive steps forward if you go in this direction.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why you shouldn’t take out payday finance:

  1. Very expensive interest rates in favour of the lender
  2. They’ll put a mark on your credit rating which might affect further chances of getting a car loan for work
  3. If you miss repayments, expect really expensive penalties. It’s not good!

If you do need quick cash, then consider selling some stuff online. We’re sure that you have plenty of things laying around the house that aren’t being used. Some people also hold a garage sale or use Facebook Marketplace.

Now there is a rare need for emergency money and Centrelink may be able to help. Things like needing a cheap car for the new job you finally got. That’s the sort of stuff you might want to consider a quick cash loan for, but most other reasons are redundant.

How we can help

We believe that it’s not helpful for you to take out additional finance right now. In fact, The Debt Free Community is all against payday lending practices.

We’ve read through the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (2009) quite extensively. It’s great to see more protection now for borrowers, but we as a country still have a long way to go.

Australia is in massive debt right now with a recession looming. We feel that payday lending has played its part, as well as the easy access to credit.

We can help you today if you’re being chased by debt collectors. A lot of people are doing it tough and don’t know which way to turn.

If you’re ignoring your phone because they keep calling, then it’s not a good idea. Next they will arrive at your door with important-looking paperwork for you. Are you going to sleep tonight with this heavy debt-load?

You should ask us to step in and talk to the debt collectors for you. This way your phone can go silent and you can go on with your life. They’ll have to talk to us first if they want to make any progress.

Getting started

We would pass on any application with any payday provider. It’s just not worth it unless there is a genuine emergency. Clear Cash is good guys who serve Australia-wide but at terms which aren’t good for borrowers.

Right now you should be more than aware of the issues surrounding your situation. Get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can help you during these challenging times.

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