CCC Financial Solutions: How to Deal with these Debt Collectors

If you’re being targetted by CCC Financial Solutions and have nowhere to turn, then discover how you can deal with these Australian debt collectors here.

We’re all doing it tough in the economy. Bills are mounting, payments are low and the bank account keeps being wiped out. It’s challenging times ahead!

CCC Financial Solutions are chasing you for money that you owe! It sucks, but that’s the reality of the situation. Discover what to do right now.

The Debt Free Community has been created to deal with these sort of people and give individuals like you a fighting chance. After all, it’s hard to stay afloat of things.

Who is CCC Financial Solutions

This is a debt collection agency based in Australia whose main purpose is to make individuals like yourself cough up the money owed to creditors. It’s a challenging industry for them, and a tough place for you to be in.

Going deep into debt isn’t fun at all. The bank has probably tried to contact you numerous times now and you’ve ignored them. Since then they’ve decided to sell the debt cheaply to CCC Financial in the hopes that they can make a profit.

That old adage of buy low and sell high. The debt is a product (with interest and fees added) where they can make their margins. Does that shock you? It shouldn’t.

See – debt collection is big business right here in Australia. We as consumers can’t get enough of debt. Here at The Debt Free Community, we’re advocates of minimizing or eliminating debts for the average Australian, as it’s a more holistic way to live.

At the same time, this isn’t currently possible for most people. Life happens and so a while ago taking out that loan or credit card seemed like a good idea for you.

You thought you could keep on top of those payments. Then the bills kept mounting, work might have dried up and then the car needs repairs. Am I right?

Your bank account got a bit cleaned out and next minute there’s debt collectors from CCC Financial Solutions calling you. It starts from here, then you’ll soon get threatening letters, text messages and they can even visit your home or workplace.

Keep reading as we’re going to share with you how they even got those details.

CCC Financial Solutions SMS Text Message

Did you get a message from CCC Financial Solutions? It probably said something like “This is an important message. Please contact CCC Financial Solutions immediately to discuss an important matter and quote reference number” It’s not a scam but a strongly worded demand from a debt collector.

CCC Financial Solutions Australia SMS Text Message

How did they get my details?

When you took out your initial loan, they got all those details from the bank who has sold the debt to them. Now they know where you work, where you live and your phone number. They might think you could be hiding something.

Can they come to my house?

Absolutely! They’re allowed to come to your house anytime before 9pm, even on Sundays. Just imagine having a BBQ with friends and family then next minute there’s a knock on the door from a debt collector. Super embarrassing! It’s not the stress you need.

But they don’t know my friends!

Actually – they do. Debt collectors in Australia have become increasingly smart in recent years. What they now do is stalk people on Facebook. They have already looked at your profile, your photos, your friends and family. Then they can find out the phone numbers of your friends and family and hassle them too.

It’s too late to close down your FB account. The damage has already been done here. Imagine your boss getting phone calls next week about some company chasing you for money. Then he tells everyone about it. Awkward!

Can’t I just ignore this?

Don’t ignore this!! Otherwise it just gets worse. Much worse. They jack up the loan amount plus additional interest and fees to it. You might be even summoned to go to Court over the matter. That’s more expenses for you. It’s not worth it, so you gotta do something about it TODAY.

So I have to go to Court now?

Not yet. It’s not until they actually send out the Sheriff. That won’t be right away. Initially, these debt collectors just want to see if they can resolve the matter without the added expenses of lawyers. But if you ignore the situation, then they are very likely going to take you to Court and they have all the documented evidence that shows what you owe them.

So what do I do?

You’ve really got a few options:

  1. You can talk to them and organize a settlement plan.
  2. You might also talk to the National Debt Helpline.
  3. Or just ask us to talk to CCC Financial Solutions for you. ?

The 3rd option is a great one as it avoids you needing to talk angry debt collectors. Instead, you’ll talk to a real human who’s ready to listen to your unfortunate story.

Lost your job? Had a bad relationship? Your dog got sick? That’s the sort of stuff we like to hear. Then we can go to these debt collectors and tell them that you won’t be able to pay exactly what they’re asking for. At least not just yet anyway.

Best part – It’s FREE to have a quick chat today. It’s a discreet service with a friendly person.

Next steps with CCC Financial Solutions

Don’t ignore these debt collectors. CCC Financial Solutions becomes more and more demanding with regular phone calls all hours of the day, SMS text messages, voicemails and much more. The letters they send will become more intense.

After all – they want money. YOUR MONEY. They’re professionals in this field and will do what they legally can to get to it. Australian laws allow it.

Basically, they do abide by Australian Debt Collection guidelines at all times, but these are in our opinion swayed slightly in favour of companies, not struggling individuals like you.

If you’re too scared to talk to them and are ignoring your phone, then perhaps get in touch with us today!

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