Cash Converters Debt Collectors: What To Do When They Come Knocking

So you thought that taking out that payday loan was a good idea, but now you’re struggling to pay it back. We’ve got some good news for you.

Cash Converters Debt Collectors are motivated to HUNT YOU DOWN to get you to pay the full balance of the original payday loan. Here’s what to do!

You see, most Australians have little idea in regards to their rights and indemnities.

But the truth is, you probably have an obligation to pay your debt. You can even claim financial hardship where they have to give you flexible terms to get back on track.

Let’s have a look.

Cash Converters debt management

Cash Converters is represented by Safrock Financial Corp which is a similar company to them. Their aim is to get borrowers on the phone to repay their debts.

This includes personal loans and payday loans that you took out with Cash Converters in a branch or online in Australia. You thought you could keep up with those repayments, and now look at what has happened.

They are allowed to call up to 10 times a month. It’s scary actually!

Did you know that they can come to your house? Even on Sunday’s they can rock up if they want to and interrupt your peaceful family BBQ, as late as 9pm.

Cash Converters payday and personal loan debt

Not only that but these days Australian debt collectors are using Facebook to stalk people. They might have already looked at your photos and seen that you are spending money…which means you have money to pay them.

Maybe they are stalking. We hope not, but there is clear evidence from others who have been chased by debt collectors that this has happened to them. Facebook gives them lots of information. Have you been added by any strange people lately? It’s probably a debt collector in disguise presenting to be a friend of a friend.

Very scary isn’t it? We’d love to stop them in their tracks for you.

Cash Converters Debt Collection message

Have you been contacted by one of the debt collectors representing Cash Converters Australia? It probably says something like “Please contact Safrock Cash Converters immediately regarding a personal matter”

Safrock Cash Converters Debt Collection SMS text message

What this means is that they want your money and they’re going to keep chasing you. You took out a payday loan a while ago and you’ve missed those repayments, now there are additional penalties you must pay.

Don’t ignore your phone as that doesn’t work and neither does a change of your phone number. These guys have sophisticated ways to track you and can often find you if you move house too.

Listen up – you gotta take this seriously. You are in trouble but you don’t have to go through stressful times. There are numerous ways out.

Previously these debt collectors were very much in people’s faces. They would call people more than they should plus they would put black marks on people’s credit history.

Today, that has changed.

They got in trouble with ASIC for this

Did you know that Cash Converters was fined for this to the tune of $650,000 because they used Safrock Finance for their personal loans and payday lending? We didn’t know either and it’s quite alarming to discover the truth.

Safrock Financial Corporation was apparently hassling people who Cash Converters lent money to. Like they would call them much more regularly than they are legally allowed to.

ASIC published a media release about this here.

The great news is that Cash Converters took responsibility to help remediate the situation and the stress they caused to borrowers who didn’t meet their repayments. So we can see that they actually do care about people.

What you can do

The reason they are calling you non-stop is that they expect you to pay up. The reason you’re ignoring their calls is that you know that the bank account is running slim. In other words, you don’t have money to pay the loan back, right?

We recommend:

  1. Raising some quick money by selling off stuff you don’t need (i.e. Gumtree)
  2. Registering with recruiting agencies to try and get additional weekend work
  3. Speak with the team to get a better payment plan in place today (you can)

A lot of people don’t want to talk to debt collectors. It’s always a bit embarrassing but also they can be rude and disheartening. They won’t want to listen to your stories because they just want your money.

If they come knocking at your front door, then you gotta tell about your challenging times but you are committed to getting back on track. It’s uncomfortable in most cases to speak to debt collectors, but this is what you gotta do in most instances. We know you’re having a rough time.

Debt collector house visit

Instead, why not get in touch with The Debt Free Community? We can help you by talking to these angry people for you, allowing you to get on with your life.

If you’ve got some stories to tell about why you can’t pay today, then we’d love to hear them! All those excuses are welcome with us.

Next steps

The only way to resolve this difficult financial issue is to do something about it.

You can go out on your own and hope that you’ll get a good deal. They might hit you up with penalty interest and charges because you’re late to pay them.

If you’re just having a tough time, then consider getting in touch with us today.

Cash Converters debt collection activities are legal today and they have recovered from their dark days with ASIC involvement. If you are suffering financial hardship, then please consider playing that card with them.

Also, the National Debt Helpline is always available. This is an Australian government service that’s available for you.

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