ATO Penalty Notice: What you need to know

Both businesses and individuals can be issued with an ATO Penalty Notice. If you’ve received a letter, then read this now. We’ll provide you with everything that you need to know today.

You and your ATO debt

The taxman continues to get tougher and tougher. Every year he’s looking for more people to target. He’s not interested in stories or excuses anymore about your ATO debt.

He just wants your money…plus interest too! He’s out to get you. Expect nasty letters, phone calls, messages and door knocking. Yes – the taxman will come to your house with a mate or two regarding your tax bill. There’s no escape, unless you speak with us. 🙂

ATO Penalty Notice scam
This is the tax-man. He isn’t going to stop until you PAY UP!

He’ll first tell you that you owe some taxes. Very likely that this is legitimate. If you’re unsure, then please call the Australian Tax Office directly to avoid ATO Penalty Notice scams that sometimes happen.

If you ignore paying those taxes, then he’ll start to get angry. There will be letters of demand, phone calls and text messages. It’s only going to get worse.

Fact: The ATO can now debit your bank account! They’ll take money out BEFORE you can buy food for your family!

That’s scary. Really scary, and we understand your massive concerns. We speak to people like you everyday in Australia. We’ll stop the taxman today, and talk to him so you don’t have to.

How important is it for you to have some money left over to pay other things? Very important, especially food and rent. The ATO knows your bank account details, they can simply jump in and get their money today.

Crazy, right? But it happens everyday across the country. Thousands of people go to pay for goods at the shopping center, and realize that the ATO has taken out some money unexpectedly. Shame on them!

If only they knew your situation. We’re not evil unlike them. We’re understanding and supportive, and can help you through understanding your ATO penalty notice and settlements.

What can happen

In addition to further interest charges and recovery action, there are more things that could result. These include:

  • They’re more likely to due a tax audit (Not good at all)
  • You might be requested to pay more taxes every month
  • Engaging a lawyer might be necessary and expensive
  • You could go to court. The judges often side with the tax man
  • Your own credit file could be at risk of black marks

So remember, you really need to get on top of this. We can help you. In fact – we’ve helped thousands of people like you. We know, life isn’t easy. But trust us, it’s only going to get worse. Let us step in!

The worst part

If you run a business, then the ATO can wind-up your operations based on unpaid taxes. That is…the ATO can shutdown your business overnight to enforce their stance. They’re ruthless!

In fact, a long time ago the upper limit was $340,000 before they took action. Now it’s just under $100,000. Big difference. No matter so many Australian businesses are going under because of the taxman.

It’s not too late to save your business. Let us work out something for you! We provide 100% FREE advice today regarding your ATO Penalty Notice.

We also help individuals too. In fact, what can happen is that the taxman might talk to your boss about the situation. It’s very embarrassing! They’ll seek to increase your taxes every week, so they can cough up more money from you.

We fight for the little guy. The one who’s having a bad time. We’ll be by your side so you can get over this issue today. We don’t like the taxman, but we’ll fight them for you…so you can get a fair deal! That’s what we believe in – a fair go for everyone, in true Australian fashion.

ATO Penalty Notice: Next steps

You need to be proactive with an ATO Penalty Notice. The way we see it, you’ve got several options:

  1. Do nothing and watch as things only get worse
  2. Talk to them for something mostly in THEIR favour
  3. Talk to us, so we can organize something for YOU

Obviously – the best answer is #3. We want to find the best deal for you. We can chat to the ATO for you. It’s really easy – get in touch and let’s check out the situation for you.

We’ve helped thousands of people. In fact, you can read some testimonials right here about this. There are many people who have gotten themselves out of their ATO debts through our advice and recommendation.

It’s best to speak with you over the phone. It will only be 10 minutes. This way we can get an idea about your circumstances. We’re ready and waiting!

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