ACS Debt Collection Services: How to Sort Them Out

Have you recently been contacted by ACS Debt Collection Services? The reason they’re contacting you is because you owe money.

You can expect regular phone calls as they want you to start repaying your debts.

What are your rights and what are your options. Most importantly – what will they do to you?

Let’s go for a deeper dive here.

ACS Debt Collection Services

What has happened is that you owe someone money. They have engaged the ‘services’ of ACS to chase those repayments that you’ve been ignoring.

ACS makes good money doing this and will keep persevering until an arrangement is done. Fortunately, they will typically be happy to accept a payment plan over a short period to get things up to date.

This is a great thing as you can both stop the annoying phone calls, demanding letters and potential visits to your front door – but you can also sleep at night.

Because chances are…this has probably been keeping you up.

What Could Happen Now

The biggest problem is that most people start ignoring this. They just don’t realize how serious this has become. Those letters and phone calls are real and you shouldn’t play the ignoring game.

If this is you, and you are being chased or harassed by ACS Debt collectors, then this could happen next:

  1. They can rock up to your door with legal paperwork, even on the weekends and up to 9pm at night. (The Australian Government allows this by the way and there’s nothing illegal about it)
  2. The initial debt amount can increase through additional interest being charged and recovery fees. Lawyers and legal paperwork is quite expensive.
  3. They can continue calling you and chasing you up for the next 6 years until the matter is settled.
  4. Stalking on social media might happen including finding out the name of your workplace and boss. This has happened to thousands of Australians with stalking by debt collectors being a big issue.
  5. The worst part – they can ding your credit rating so when you go for a car loan in the future, you could be knocked back!

You need to be quite careful right now about running away and instead face this issue head on. Just imagine having a few friends over and suddenly there’s a knock on the door. It’s two big men with paperwork and demanding repayments immediately. How awkward and soul destroying.

Now, there is an exit-strategy and it’s OPEN to you right now.

But how? Let’s cover this.

The solution

You really have several options. The option that most people take initially is running and hiding because they either don’t have the funds, or simply try to delay the debt collectors for as long as possible.

Next, some people take a payment plan directly organized with ACS Debt Collection. This is a wise idea and our best recommendation actually. They’ll stop calling you once you take a payment plan or pay the lump sum and start chasing other people instead.

Another great solution is to use a debt mediator and we can highly recommend one. These people may be able to talk to ACS on your behalf and even negotiate a lower debt amount and a more lenient payment plan. Initial phone calls are FREE to see if you qualify for these services.

Either way – you do need to address this situation. Do it now before it all gets out of hand.

In Summary

We wouldn’t mess around right now. You need to take action and avoid this problem…because likely it’s going to get much worse long before it gets better.

Either deal with ACS directly or use our FREE recommended phone call service, and we can hopefully get this revolved for you today.

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