Dealing with ACM Group: How to Stop The Phone Calls and Letters

Yes, you can! It’s quite easy to STOP them calling now. Read this ACM group review and insiders guide on how to do this and avoid constant harassment.

You’re probably receiving letters of demand, text messages, emails and phone calls.

You’ve definitely got a debt with them, likely from a telecommunications company like Telstra or Vodafone, an internet company, a bank or other financial institution.

Now you’ve just jumped online to see how you can get it all to stop today. Wise choice my friend!

ACM Group Review

We’ll do our best to give you our perspectives on ACM Group.

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Who is ACM Group?

They’re an Australian debt recovery company.

You’ve had a past debt due, and unfortunately, after several attempts, the past company has been unable to seek payment from you. And now ACM steps in.

They’re not as nice as the previous company though. But you can still get a resolution.

ACM Group Telstra and Vodafone

Yes, it’s most likely that you have a phone debt from one of these two companies. Even though the amount owing could be small, you’re still required to pay it.

It might only be a few hundred dollars, but this places severe ramifications upon your credit history if you choose to ignore it. Our advice: don’t ignore ACM Group!

ACM Group Reviews and Complaints

Yes – there are dozens of reviews out there about ACM Group including complaints to the Ombudsman as well.

It’s only natural – they’re debt collectors after all, not a wellness clinic.

You’ll find bad reviews everywhere. They’re chasing you for a debt, one that you likely owe.

You can complain to the Ombudsman about ACM Group, but nowadays they’re certainly working within the confines of the law.

In the past, they did break the law on more than one occasion. That was a long time ago though and today it’s a lot better.

They’ve pulled themselves together, and the 3 to 4 daily phone calls, emails, text messages and the like is within Australian law guidelines for debt collection.

This is causing you stress

Dealing with ACM Group can be a headache

We know. It’s frustrating. The phone calls, the letters of demands, the emails and the like.

Do you know the worst part? Some debt collectors even go through social media accounts now. Yes – Facebook and Instagram.?

They pick out the friends whom you engage with often on photos and status updates. They get their phone numbers, then they start telling them about YOUR debt.

How embarrassing!! Luckily, we have the perfect solution. We know how to make that end right now.

The solutions are here

Frankly, we believe you have 3 core options. One of these is an obvious bad option. We’re sure you can pick out which one that is…

  1. Ignore the debt. Let the harassment and threats continue. Allow the debt to get 5 to 10 times bigger!
  2. Engage with ACM Group. Find a resolution. Always our most recommended approach.
  3. Use the 100% FREE service we recommend. This service will talk to ACM Group for you, and likely get you a better deal. Recommend for debts more than $7,000.

Most people will be best suited towards Option #3.

It’s the one we recommend the most as well. It’s where you’ll line yourself up to come out better off.

Where your credit file is less likely to be tarnished by this incident.

Thousands of Australians have chosen this option too, and have been very happy with the results!

Thousands of Australians have discovered the perfect solution!

Ideally, it’s for the following people…

  • Australians aged 18 to 65
  • International visitors in Australia
  • Those who want the phone calls to stop
  • People who are embarrassed and humiliated
  • Individuals who want a quick and easy resolution

Get started today

We highly recommend this. We don’t want to see you fall further behind with your debts. Use this 100% FREE service to your advantage, beginning today!

We hope that this overview of ACM Group has given you some insights as to what this debt is about, and the best course of action to correct it.

Like we said – you can’t ignore this. The debt is real. It needs to be paid. There are 2 good options provided here. We know you’ll choose the right option for you.

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